Celebrity Poker Showdown

Season 4 Episode 6

Tournament 4 Championship Game

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2004 on Bravo
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Tournament 4 Championship Game
Kevin Nealon, Mekhi Phifer, Neil Patrick Harris, Matthew Perry, Dennis Rodman

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (12)

      • Championship Charity Payouts:
        - The MS Society - $7,500
        - The Lili Claire Foundation - $10,000
        - Fund for Animals - $12,500
        - American Red Cross - $20,000
        - The Vine Group - $100,000

      • Match Results:
        1st Place - Mekhi Phifer
        2nd Place - Neil Patrick Harris
        3rd Place - Kevin Nealon
        4th Place - Matthew Perry
        5th Place - Dennis Rodman

      • Celebrity Charity List:
        Dennis Rodman - The MS Society
        Neil Patrick Harris - The American Red Cross
        Kevin Nealon - Fund for Animals
        Matthew Perry - The Lili Claire Foundation
        Mekhi Phifer - The Vine Group

      • Lounge Girl: Jennifer

      • Dave Foley's pick to win is Kevin Nealon.

      • Phil Gordon's pick to win is Matthew Perry.

      • Jennifer's pick to win is Neil Patrick Harris.

      • Neil Patrick Harris did an impersonation of Doogie Howser upon Matthew Perry's request. It was a recreation of the last scene of every episode of Neil's show Doogie Howser, M.D. where he typed something into his computer, stopped and realized something then typed again before the episode closes.

      • Neil Patrick Harris makes one of the most clever moves (only because it actually paid off for him) in Celebrity Poker Showdown history. When a Queen is flopped, he shouts out "yes!", then acts as though he didn't mean to say that out loud (he did not have any Queens in his hand). It was so believable that Matthew Perry folded his superior hand and Neil won the pot.

      • Matthew Perry makes one of the biggest blunders in the history of CPS. He went all-in (with a fair amount of chips) with a pair of 2's, with two higher cards on the table, to Mekhi's pair of Aces with a King kicker. It knocked him out of the game.

      • Dave Navarro, a Celebrity Poker Showdown regular, makes a guest appearance in the loser's lounge as Dennis Rodman is being inducted into it.

      • Early on in the game, even as he was the chip leader, Dennis Rodman walked out of the table after Mekhi was declared the winner on one hand where he thought he checked while the tournament director thought he folded when he pushed his cards face down. It was the first time in the show's run that a player walked out in the middle of a tournament. He eventually came back.

    • QUOTES (54)

      • Dave: Welcome to Celebrity Poker Showdown. Now we here at the show are very proud of the fact that we're giving away yet another quarter million dollars to various charities tonight. And all the while, we will be glamorizing, drinking, swearing, and gambling at the same time.

      • (prior to start of the game)
        Dave: The excitement is almost legitimate.

      • Phil: What an exciting game we got. Five great players. Well, at least three or four of them are great.
        Dave: And some of them are just crazy lucky. And that's even more dangerous than talent.

      • (before the game started)
        Matthew: We should get a chip count.

      • Dave: Now, there isn't gonna be a moderating female influence out at the table. Pure testosterone.
        Phil: Matthew has some female tendencies.
        Dave: Well, you know, 'cause he's Canadian. Canadian men are all a little effeminate.

      • Kevin: So Matthew, Matt Le Blanc, nice guy?
        Matthew: Very nice guy.

      • Kevin: (to Dennis while Neil was deciding whether to call or not) How long do you think a fight will last between you and Neil? Like a fist fight. Five seconds?
        Neil: I would take him in five seconds.
        Kevin: And then you'd be dead.

      • Matthew: (mocking the audience) You can do it, Neil! Get him, Dennis!

      • Kevin: Dennis, Phil Jackson, nice guy?
        (Dennis ignores Kevin)

      • Phil: Dennis just re-raised to 1500.
        Dave: Well, eight-ten suited is the strongest starting hand in Texas Hold 'Em, right?

      • Phil: If you find yourself at a final table with a reckless player, often the best strategy is to let them go ahead and do their thing and try to stay out of the way until you get a really, really premium hand.

      • (after Dennis agreed to continue playing)
        Kevin: Nice going, Mekhi. That's the way you wanna play it, huh?
        Matthew: (to Dennis) I tell you one thing. I wouldn't argue with ya'.
        Dennis: It's all good.

      • Neil: Good times. Good times.
        Kevin: So this is for charity?

      • Phil: I don't know about you, Dave, but I'm a little bit scared right now.
        Dave: Me, it just reminds me of every family gathering I ever had.

      • Kevin: Mekhi, you get this a lot? I'm sure you do. Are you related to Michelle Pfeiffer?
        Mekhi: Oh, [bleep]! And I always say, "Yeah, she's my aunt."

      • Dave: Phil, before anyone else leaves the table, let's do a chip count.

      • Audience Member: Fold!
        Matthew: I will do that, sir.

      • Audience Member: All-in!
        Matthew: Wow, that's quite an offer.

      • (after Dennis kept betting without a hand and Mekhi kept calling without a hand either)
        Phil: This is just not poker that I'm used to seeing.
        Dave: No. This is celebrity style, my friend.

      • Audience Member: When are you gonna play a hand, Kevin?!
        Kevin: (mocking the heckler) When are you gonna shut your mouth?!

      • Matthew: I know you guys wanna rub the felt but wait. Wait until it's time.
        Neil: I thought it was just due. It's time.
        Matthew: I know. It will be time again. Just wait.
        Kevin: When do we start peeing on the felt?
        Matthew: Whenever you want, my friend.

      • (on a pot which only involved Dennis and Mekhi)
        Matthew: Go Neil!
        Neil: I'm slow-playing this one.

      • (after Dennis Rodman got eliminated first)
        Dave: (to Dennis) You're the second person I think to fall prey to the Carmen Electra curse.
        Dennis: OK.
        Dave: Navarro was out first. You're out first. Obviously, the woman is bad luck.

      • (as Matthew was looking at his cards)
        Audience Member: Fools rush in!
        Dave: That was a motion picture that Matthew was in.

      • (after Kevin brought out bottles of pills)
        Matthew: (to Kevin) You look like me about five years ago.

      • Dave: I'd love to see a list of celebrities' names with some numbers next to them.
        Phil: (stands up as Dave remained seated) Dave, I will read the chip count but only if you can touch the top of my head.
        Dave: Which one?

      • (on taped interview)
        Neil: I find for me the most successful strategy is being observational and waiting for the bigger personalities to knock each other out.

      • (on taped interview)
        Kevin: Nobody out there is really good.

      • (Kevin continuing with the "nice guy" talk)
        Kevin: How was I? Nice guy?
        Matthew: You're great! Topnotch. Good time to start talking to me too. When I'm in the only hand I've been in all night.

      • Kevin: (to Robert) You wanna say anything to Mekhi, you come to me first. What's your problem?

      • (while Matthew was thinking about calling Mekhi's re-raise)
        Neil: Think about Rodman in the Losers' Lounge. Do you really wanna go there?

      • Phil: The only way Matthew can win is if two more deuces come on the turn and the river.
        Dave: Or if an angel of God smites the table.

      • (coming into the Losers' Lounge)
        Matthew: I should've folded. I should've folded. (looking into the camera) That was dumb.

      • Dave: Just to make things a little more exciting, we got a guest here we're gonna bring out. Folks, can we bring it out for the boys to look at? It's a tray of sandwiches. Oh, it's not a tray of sandwiches!

      • Audience Member: You guys can operate though.
        Mekhi: That's true. We're both doctors. (extending a hand to Neil) Doctor.
        Neil: Nice. (shakes Mekhi's hand) Doctor.

      • (after Mekhi takes down another pot)
        Matthew: This is gonna sound sudden, but I think I've fallen in love with Mekhi.
        Dave: Everyone's watching that happen.
        Matthew: I've been fighting it.

      • Celebrity Poker Catchphrases:

        Mekhi Phifer: (when calling) I'll stick around with you.
        Neil Patrick Harris: (distinctively, when checking) Okay.
        Matthew Perry: (when in need of good luck) Gotta rub the felt!
        Dennis Rodman: Raise it. (Dennis raised nearly every hand)
        Kevin Nealon: (to specific player) So, [actor's name that the player has worked with], nice guy?

      • Dave Foley: (to Matthew Perry entering the Losers' Lounge) The Lili Claire Foundation gets $10,000.
        Phil Gordon: They may disown you after that last play, though.

      • Robert Thompson: (in response to Mekhi's wrongly-worded raise) It's not like the Old West where you say, "I'll see your hundred and raise you the ranch."

      • (after Dennis Rodman has retired to the Loser's Lounge)
        Neil Patrick Harris: Shut up, Phil!
        Kevin Nealon: I dare anyone to say, "Shut up, Rodman!"

      • Phil Gordon: (as a bump-in to the show after a commercial break) Dave, I will read the chip count if you can touch the top of my head.

      • (responding the the several bottles of pills Kevin Nealon has on the table)
        Phil Gordon: He has more prescription drugs than he does chips!

      • (after a pair of kings is flopped)
        Matthew Perry: I should not have folded my pair of kings!
        (Matthew obviously did not actually have pocket kings.)

      • Phil Gordon: The first player out tonight is going to win $7,500 for their charity. The winner is going to get $100,000. That's a big difference.
        Dave Foley: That's almost twice as much!
        Phil Gordon: (laughing) I forgot you were a high school dropout.
        Dave Foley: Yeah. I'm self-educated.

      • (during heads-up)
        Neil Patrick Harris: My heart's pounding a little bit.
        Mekhi Phifer: A little bit. A little bit.
        Dave Foley: (off-stage) They both play doctors, but neither one seems to know the heart is always pounding.

      • Dave Foley: So who do you think's gonna be out next?
        Dennis Rodman: Neil.
        Phil Gordon: I think you're right. Neil's next.
        (Neil actually makes it to heads-up and never even steps into the Loser's Lounge.)

      • (responding to Dennis Rodman's bad hand)
        Phil Gordon: This is NOT a playable hand.
        (Dennis Rodman raises.)
        Dave Foley: Shows what you know.

      • (in taped piece, referring to Neil Patrick Harris)
        Dennis Rodman: Doogie Howser, huh? Wrong game, wrong TV show. I'm not a person to mess with.

      • Phil Gordon: So, how are the Prozac?
        Dave Foley: Oh, I swear by it.

      • (taped segments, all referring to their silver chip)
        Dennis Rodman: Winner. I am a winner.
        Matthew Perry: Winner. That's what it says. I am a winner.
        Neil Patrick Harris: It validates me. It says "winner". So no matter how much I fail in my own life, I'm a winner to me.
        Kevin Nealon: It says "winner". I'm gonna implant it in my chest.

      • (in taped piece)
        Dave Foley: Matthew Perry...won the title for most improved.
        (Matthew Perry's game significantly improved since his last appearance on "Celebrity Poker Showdown")

      • Matthew Perry: (reacting to several bottles of pills Kevin Nealon has on the table) In about five minutes, you're gonna be convinced you're Dennis Rodman.

      • Audience Member: When are you going to play a hand, Kevin?
        Kevin Nealon: When are you gonna shut up?

      • Mekhi Pfeiffer: So how's it going? That host thing working out alright for you?
        Robert Thompson: Yeah; you know, it has its moments.

    • NOTES (1)

      • It is the second consecutive championship game that no women played at the table. It is also only the second time in the show's run that no female celebrities are playing in a tournament.

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Phil: Dennis Rodman, playing random poker, has just won a 12,000-dollar pot. Dave: Yep, Heisenberg will be proud.

        Werner Heisenberg, a German physicist, is one of the founders of quantum mechanics and is well-known for his uncertainty principle.

      • Neil: Big money! Big money!

        "Big money!" is a phrase yelled by contestants in the 1980's CBS game show Press Your Luck.