Celebrity Poker Showdown

Season 5 Episode 4

Tournament 5 Game 4

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2005 on Bravo
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Tournament 5 Game 4
Brandi Chastain, Camryn Manheim, Colin Quinn, Tom Verica, and Kevin Weisman play in tonight's tournament.

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      • Dave: Welcome to Celebrity Poker Showdown. We are the show that has done for poker what Richard Branson has done for space flight. At long last, made it accessible to the rich and famous.

      • Dave: Poker is a metaphor for how crappy life really is.

      • Dave: For those of you who need it, we have a brief tutorial film and then immediately after that, we have a short film strip about avoiding VD.

      • Dave: (on the Losers' Lounge) Once in here, they can drown their sorrows. They can even drown their joys.

      • (on taped interview)
        Brandi: I think my muscles scare people. But today I'm not gonna bust 'em out until absolutely necessary.

      • (on taped interview)
        Brandi: Kevin has a lot of gusto. He may get a bicycle kick to the head.

      • (on taped interview)
        Brandi: Cheating is a very hostile word. And I like to think of it as gamesmanship. There are rules but then there's the gray area. Until someone says you can't do something, go right ahead and do it. That's what I say.

      • Colin: I swear on my mother's life that I don't have a diamond.
        Camryn: It's such a tell that you do have the diamond.
        Colin: I swore on my mother's life on TV!

      • Kevin: You're shaking. Maybe you were inducing shaking.
        Tom: You're shaking the whole time.
        Kevin: I have been? I had those two Red Bulls before I think.

      • Dave: You know what I think right now? Brandi is sitting there and she's just saying, "Alright, fun's fun but when's he gonna give me my medal back?".

      • (on taped interview)
        Tom: I am extremely competitive. My wife, everyone around knows how competitive I am. Sitting in a red light and there's another red light a block away, I gotta be the first one there.

      • Kevin: Brandi, if you win this whole thing, are you ripping your shirt off?
        Brandi: I have something up my sleeve.

      • Dave: Welcome back to the Palms in Las Vegas for more of Celebrity Poker Showdown. We're in the Palms in Las Vegas where prostitution isn't legal but then again, it isn't necessary.

      • (on taped interview)
        Camryn: I'll tell you this. There's only two people in the that table that I wanna win. Me and Brandi. I want the girls to win.

      • (on taped interview)
        Camryn: (on Texas Hold 'Em) Really fun to watch on television because you get to see everybody's hand. But when you're at that table and you can't see other people's hands, it is torture. It is torture. Are they full of shit? Or do they have the goods? You never know.

      • Dave: Welcome back to the Palms in Las Vegas where check-out time is noon but your hooker has to leave by 11.

      • (on taped interview)
        Kevin: I don't wanna say that I'm the favorite, but I'm gonna say it.

      • Camryn: Do you really want me to go all-in?
        Audience: Yeah!
        Camryn: But if I lose, won't you feel bad?
        Audience: Yeah!

      • (on taped interview)
        Tom: I do like bluffing 'cause there's something about getting away with having a bad hand...

      • (after Colin calls out of position with six-four off-suit)
        Phil: Colin is what is known in the professional poker world as a "Calling Station". If you can find a guy like this to play poker with in a high level, you will murder him long term. They may catch lucky flops early but you can't win as passively as he does.

      • (after Kevin was eliminated)
        Phil: There is no justice in the world when you can lose with pocket Queens to six-four off-suit.

      • (as Kevin was entering the Losers' Lounge)
        Kevin: I'm gonna say it right here. What's his name? Colin. He's a little bitch! That was classic Dennis Rodman right there. "I'll just call with whatever I have. What, I flopped two... Do I even know that I have that. Oh I guess I won."

      • (after Colin on with trips nines)
        Tom: What are you checking for?
        Phil: He is the monster chip leader now. This guy is really catching some unbelievable flops here.

      • (on taped interview)
        Colin: I'm a loser. A loser. I've lost so many times playing that I don't even think about winning anymore. If I win, it's like a miracle.

      • (with Camryn's Queen-Jack off-suit going up against Colin's pair of Jacks)
        Camryn: Who are you? You're Satan! This man has made a deal with the devil.

      • Camryn: What would Dave Foley do?
        Dave: (off-stage) That's a bad question to ask in the show.

      • (as Brandi was leaving the table)
        Brandi: Camryn! You must bring them down. They are the evil empire.
        Camryn: Give me the gold!

      • Phil: Camryn has a full-house now. She has to find a number she can bet that Colin can call a hundred percent. You really want him to put more chips into the pot here.
        Dave: She could just ask him.

      • Phil: If she wins this pot, Dave, she busts both guys at the same time and will win this tournament right here.
        Dave: And we get to go home.
        Phil: Exactly.

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