Celebrity Poker Showdown

Season 6 Episode 1

Tournament 6 Game 1

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Aug 18, 2005 on Bravo
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Tournament 6 Game 1
Jonny Fairplay (Survivor: Pearl Islands), Andrew Firestone (The Bachelor), Charla Faddoul (The Amazing Race), Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth (The Apprentice), and Trishelle Cannatella (The Real World) play in tonight's game.

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  • 5 all-Star reality celebrities, but lacking proper poker sense.

    What can you say about 5 All-Star Reality Celebrities? They don't know what the heck they are doing. If you compare it to other celebrities like Sara Rue, Seth Meyers, and such, they knew what they were doing. The celebrities would call into a pot with hands like Q-7 off-suit and not raise with hands like K-10, A-10, or A-K. Let's review each of the players:

    Andrew: He did okay, there were some hands like A-K and pocket 8's that should have been raised, but overall he was consistent.

    Trishelle: She did okay too, but there was the key hand, pocket 9's that should have been raised pre and post-flop.

    Charla: She did not do so well, she bet or called more often than raised. There were some nice hands she did catch like Q-J and A-9, but I prefer she raise instead of calling on these hands and fold hands like K-4. And, she made the mistake of folding a straight!!

    Jonny: Over played the second pair! Not good, because the second pair only qualifies as a strong hand when a game is down to 2-3 players not 5. There are too many ways to be beaten when a person has only the second pair.

    Omarosa: She probably was the one who knew what to do. She raised more times than anyone, especially good hands like A-10 and the A-Q, but she just got unlucky when it came down to the end.

  • Worst episode I have seen!

    Fairplay is a complete jerk. He made this episode terrible. I'm not a big reality TV fan, but I watched this one anyway. Had he not been there, it would have been much better. He is a perfect example of why I say it's not how well they play, but how they act. It was not entertaining at all.

  • The first episode with TWO losers lounges.

    When this show works its because people generally like celebrities and they're interested in seeing them in a different light. This episode failed because the folks selected were NOT really celebrities. They also were not poker players. Putting five relatively unknown people around a table (including some geniunely obnoxious ones) and asking them to play poker which they were really bad at made for some of the worst TV ever.

  • Worst CPS I've seen yet!

    I went into this episode not being an extreme fan of any of the 5, though I was familiar with all of them going into this episode. This game was full of confrontational characters (outside of Andrew I suppose), all of whom bored me to death.

    The hands were awful as none of them appeared to have ever played before. Jonny was a complete tool and was overtly obscene simply to fulfill a character. Andrew was a likeable guy but was dominated by the more outgoing competitors.

    Where the other games in the past have typically been entertaining at least, this one was no where near it. Here is to hoping the rest of the season can provide a little more entertainment!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (32)

    • (after Jonny calls to Andrew from the Loser's Lounge)
      Omarosa: I think you have a stalker, and I have two words for you: restraining order.
      Jonny Fairplay: (off-stage) I get that a lot.

    • (after Jonny Fairplay is eliminated)
      Andrew Firestone: There's a lot of estrogen at the table right now.

    • Jonny Fairplay: (to Trishelle) You hate me right now, don't you?
      Trishelle: I just wish you would stop talking so much.
      Jonny Fairplay: You're supposed to talk. That's how this [bleep] works.
      Trishelle: Yeah, but you're being, like, an idiot.

    • Dave Foley: (referring to Jonny Fairplay) He's as smart as he is funny.

    • (after Jonny makes an unjustifiable call)
      Phil Gordon: And Jonny calls for some reason, I have no idea why.

    • Audience Member: (mocking Jonny) Do it for grandma, Jonny!
      Jonny Fairplay: Did I mention that I hate people?
      Different Audience Member: It's mutual.

    • Phil Gordon: (referring to Jonny Fairplay) Let's call him Jonny Overplay.

    • (during bump-out to commercials)
      Announcer: It's easy to tell when Jonny Fairplay is lying -- his lips are moving.

    • Phil Gordon: Jonny is 90% to win.
      Dave Foley: And 100% to irritate.

    • Dave Foley: (referring to Jonny Fairplay) It's odd. Usually, people try to put their best face on when they're on television.

    • (after Jonny, who has played nearly every hand, folds)
      Phil Gordon: Jonny folds before the flop. Miracles do happen.

    • Audience Member: All in!
      Trishelle: I love him -- the guy that always screams in the background, "all in!" I think he sits there every time people play here. He's always like, "all in!" That's his job.

    • (during a hand in which Jonny has absolutely nothing)
      Dave Foley: Is he still in this hand?
      Phil Gordon: For some reason, he is, Dave.

    • (after a King and Ace are flopped)
      Andrew Firestone: (to Trishelle) If I see you turn over one of those Kings or Aces, I'm gonna be very sad.
      Omarosa: He's gonna smack you with a rose.

    • (after some trash talking occurs)
      Jonny Fairplay: Is that what they call dissing', girlfriend?
      Omarosa: Is that what they call stupid, brotha'?

    • Omarosa: (referring to Jonny Fairplay) If you could smell his breath, you'd just be like backing up. It's like so bad.
      Jonny Fairplay: Smells like your boyfriend.
      Dave Foley: (off-stage) That doesn't make sense. Look, can we just insist that the trash-talking makes sense?

    • (after Omarosa folds)
      Jonny Fairplay: Yeah, save your chips for me to take. Don't waste 'em on these people.
      Omarosa: I see your mouth moving, but you're saying absolutely nothing. Blah, blah, blah.

    • Jonny Fairplay: They're serving free drinks in the loser's lounge, which you'll see in a few minutes.
      Andrew Firestone: You're right. I will see it -- just to come and say hello to you.

    • Jonny Fairplay: Omarosa, why are you being so quiet? I thought you'd be starting some [bleep] today.
      Omarosa: I don't talk about it. I be about it.

    • Jonny Fairplay: (to Charla) Fold. You won't be able to see over stack.
      Dave Foley: (off-stage) Jonny Fairplay, to be the only one to laugh at his own joke.

    • Dave Foley: (introducing the "what beats what" video) Of course, to have enough chips to count, you've gotta know what beats what to win a pot, or be so drunk that you don't care.

    • Jonny Fairplay: I have no friends. I really don't.

    • (in taped piece)
      Jonny Fairplay: I don't think that Charla, the no-clue Bachelor, my "real" friend, and Oma-Gross-a have a chance to "survive" today.

    • (in taped piece)
      Jonny Fairplay: I'm considered the greatest strategist in the history of Survivor.
      (Jonny Fairplay, giving himself the distictive self-appointed title that he must mention on every show he's on)

    • (after a bad play from Trishelle)
      Phil Gordon: Oh, no! Can I change my pick?

    • Omarosa: He is shaking. What's up with that, Jonny? You scared of a girl?
      Jonny Fairplay: I'm not scared of anything.

    • Jonny Fairplay: I've never beaten Trishelle when we've played.

      Jonny does last longer at the table than Trishelle.

    • (during early game banter)
      Jonny Fairplay: Texas Hold 'Em.
      Andrew Firestone: Hold what?

    • (after mentioning Beck's Premier Light as the game's sponsor)
      Dave Foley: Yeah. Give it up for gambling and beer!

    • Dave Foley: (to contestants) I have to come clean with you all. I have not seen any of your shows.

    • Dave Foley: (during his introduction) 19th Century novelist Gustav Flaoubert once said, "Reality does not conform to the ideal, but confirms it." And I believe it was CBS president Les Moonves who said, "Reality. That's [bleep] free, right?"

    • (after saying Texas Hold 'Em Poker is the game they're playing)
      Dave Foley: I for one have no clue how that goes. So we've put together a little film that I watch every week and still don't understand.

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    • Several allusions were made about Trishelle being "at home". This is because the casino where Celebrity Poker Showdown is held, the Palms Casino/Resort, is also where Trishelle's show, The Real World: Las Vegas, took place.