Celebrity Rap Superstar

Thursday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Aug 30, 2007 Between Seasons





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  • stupid

    this is such a stupid show it reminds me of american idol and i hate american idol except this may be worse than american idol no wait i think it is
    so called celebrities compeite on vh1 against other so called celebrities they each get a famous rapper as there coach to help them to move on to the next round
    they totally stole this idea from american idol
    maybe heres a thought for vh1 get some real celebrities the ones you got arent to hot
    the only thing i like are the judges really dmc is awesome and so is the brat
    i give it a 3.5
  • I like it.....oddly enough

    This show is pretty good. It's just like every other singing show, American Idol type shows. However, the contestants are celebrities. They make up their own rap name, like most rappers, and then they see who is the best rapper. Most of the contestants are sooo bad. That's why i enjoi it! I like watching people fail at rapping. Oddly enough i do. No one there had good stuff, except for Shar J. She was really good! I dont understand how Kendra made it soo far. She is probably the worst rapper there is! All she does is shake her booty, and that's not rapping. And she always forgets the lyrics! Perez Hilton, eh. Not soo good. Sebastian, hes good. I like how he ties his rocker self, into the rap music. He knows who he is. This show is pretty tight. I look foward to another season.
  • I feel bad admitting that I enjoy this show.

    OK, I know almost everyone hates this show, but I like it. There's just something funny about seeing Kendra Wilkinson an Perez Hilton trying (and failing misserably) to rap. And surprisingly, Shar Jackson is really good, and Countess Vaughn isn't bad either. I like how they have the three judges, but the audience calls in a votes like on American Idol, too. This isn't supposed to be a life changing series or anything, just mindless entertainment that has some surprises and LOTS of laughs. If you dont like hip-hop music or watching celebrities embarass themselves, this show probably isn't for you, but if that sounds like your thing, you may find this show as addicting as I do.