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AIRED ON 9/11/2011

Season 5 : Episode 11

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Dr. Drew Pinsky teams up with VH-1 in a reality series that puts celebrities through rehab. The celebs will undergo an intensive 21-day detox and treatment program at a facility in the Los Angeles area featuring both group and one-on-one therapy.


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    • This show is hard to watch without laughing and I know it's probably not intended to be funny but, I cant help it. I know this show deals with addiction and lets face it addiction is no laughing matter.moreless

      First off you have Gary Busey there as a mentor ok that's funny as he should be a patient the man has some issues, but he gives the show it's comic relief. Jeff Conaway (rip) loved him in Taxi is in such denial over his addiction his last name should be river. Dr. Drew has his work cut out for him and seems to care for the patients.

      I think the show has it's touching moments and it's funny moments,altogether it is an entertaining show. But I don't think the show is as hard hitting as it could be, lets face it we know it could delve deeper into the problems of these addicts but sense it for television it only skims the surface,of the real problems at hand.

      But I do find the show worth watching cause there is something appealing at watching how addicts coincide with each other and the reactions are priceless from comedic to awe inspiring to sad and beautiful.

      So in closing I think the show has merit as entertainment as a helping tool the jury is still out on that one as I see some of the cast members do return needing more help or the show just could need a shot in the arm as far as ratings go who knows.

    • I love Dr. Drew so much and this show has taught me a lot! I too want to become an addictionscounsellorso this show was perfect for me! There was a lot of drama this season which made it even more amazing to see how or if each addict would recover.moreless

      So many bombs were dropped this season. Between the death of good friends and the calling of the cops almost every episode this season has been quite interesting. Although I did not like this season more then season 4 I really grew to like Michael Logan and Steven Adler. Dr. Drew didn't seem as into this season as Bob Forrest but it was still great to see Drew as well as Dr. Sharp. Everyone on this season has made hugeimprovementsin their life and hopefully each one of them will reachsobriety. I highlyrecommendthis show to everyone!moreless
    • This goes out to Dr. Drew directly.I just heard about Mike Starr and my Heart goes out to his Family and out to You.You worked so hard with him and he overcame so much.I cant believe he Relapsed.moreless

      This goes out to Dr. Drew directly.I just heard about Mike Starr and my Heart goes out to his Family and out to You.You worked so hard with him and he overcame so much.I cant believe he Relapsed.I guess that just Really Shows How Powerful Drug Addiction Really Is On the brighter side he is up in Heaven JAMMING with Lane Staley. I enjoy watching the show.I have had many Friends and Relatives addicted to many different drug ..I Really enjoy watching your show.I Feel for All The Celebrities.It really has to be tough on of them.I also look foreward to when you bring some of the Celebrities back for updates on how they are doing,Its just a real shame that you just had Mike Starr on showing how well he was doing and now he Relapsed and now there is No More Chances For Him:R.I.P. MIKE STARRmoreless
    • Great reality show that shows some hard core addicts and their road to recovery.

      This show is awesome!

      I think it helps those who are not addicts understand what happens in rehab and also may assist an addict watching with taking steps for recovery. This show is an emotional roller coaster for the viewers and at times makes you feel sick because of the raw emotions and physical pain these patients are in. Then, if it's a celebrity that is of real interest to the viewere, it's even more intense. The cameras must be very difficult for patients and I struggle with the fact that this something that has to interfere with recovery. Nevertheless, this is an eye opener and even if the patients were not celebrities I'd watch anyway.moreless
    • This show is a must-see.

      This show is phenomenal. It delves into the true pain and heartache that comes along with the horrendous disease of addiction. Although depressing to watch at times, it gives real insight to what these people are experiencing. It allows the general public to realize that celebrities deal with the same issues that the rest of of us face, if not worse. Dr. Drew is truly a hero and should be so proud of all his accomplishments. I know that he has profoundly impacted the lives of an exuberant amount of people and Celebrity Rehab only reinforces the the gift of recovery that he offers to people's lives everyday.moreless

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