Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew

Season 1 Episode 5

Bye Bye Baldwin

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2008 on VH1

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  • The celebrities deal with the aftermath of Daniel's departure.

    How ridiculous! Seriously, why do we keep coming back? Anyway, Daniel left on the previous episode because he felt that the place was no longer conducive to his sobriety or even marriage fidelity. The minute he left, though, Mary Ellen (aka Mary Carey) exposes that she and Daniel had engaged in texting flirting. Seriously, I suppose I can understand the immediate confusion and sense of betrayal that these celebrities must feel but I just can't completely understand. They've been there ONE week. How can they trust anyone, particularly one who likes to lecture from his high horse? Not to mention that most minimize Mary's role. Granted, and here is why I classified this as Character Development, we see Chyna and Ricco point this very role out...she texted him back...she sent him risque pictures. She was a willing participant and could easily, an addict or not, "fragile" 27 year old or not, have simply ignored his texts or talked to Dr. Drew. I get that her mental issues stem from her sexuality but she can't put all the blame on Daniel. And this is coming from a pseudo-feminist. In any event, unfortunately, this was the minority opinion. Most seemed to baby her and excuse her part. Part of rehab is taking ownership. Come on!
    Back to Chyna, I don't know that I believe everything she said about any of her drug use BUT, if it's true, I hope she gets the mental help she needs. I haven't seen her be this "normal" since the days of WWE (WWF). That's it...