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Season 3 (C.R.) 2010

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    The 1st episode was excellent, it is always interesting to see the 'intake' over the last few years of this show, and sober house.. and even to some extent sex rehab, you always see the 'walls' people walk in with, it is amazing work... especially with the balance of camera's and making sure the show does not turn into a circus.

    Dr. Drew is a great doctor, and it is going to be an interesting season... how many walls will come down, or how many people will just walk away. This show also teaches 'us' the viewers so many realities, and there is something for everyone, I know I personally have learned many things from this show.

    Good work!~ Great Show!!

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    So far the sober house has been the best, the previous shows have just been scratching the surface. We see one of the patients doing something and then they switch perogative to someone else, and you're think "But what happened to the other person?" Hard to get complete perogative on addicts, sure, but still.

    But I love the show, and sober house has probably scared some of the patients to behave, especially after Shifty's and Steven's relapses.
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