Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 07, 2010 on VH1

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  • Another riveting season appears to be ahead! Once again I was so moved by the celebrity's situations and goals that I added them all to my prayer list.

    Some of the celebrities made me pray to be able to have compassion upon their arrogance and denial, while others inspired me to pray for their being lifted up and set free as they are obviously striving to be. Of course, I can relate to the both, being a recovering drug addict/alcoholic/sex addict myself. I had always thought Dennis Rodman was so kewl, but my perceptions changed dramatically when I saw how he seems to have become so detached from humanity with his superior air. I fell in love with Heidi's birds and her eccentric reclusivity since I, too, am an animal lover with a fear of people in spite of great loneliness. Mackenzie has always been a fascinating personality, and I was heartened to see her keeping up the good fight and being so transparent. I was happy to see Joey wanting to straighten up for his soon coming baby, but would be happier to see him marry it's mother to really step up. Really worried about Mike and was curious that he never mentions why Alice In Chains kicked him out, supposedly beginning his uncontrolled drug/alcohol use. I cannot really understand why Lisa is on the show since she hasn't even taken the first step of admitting that she is an addict and stated she is only trying to determine if she is or not. Someday I pray that the Rehab methods used will include encouraging people to seek God/YHVH, as that goes a longer way than any other tool. You can read my testimony about miraculous recovery at SavedXWitch com.