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  • This show is hard to watch without laughing and I know it's probably not intended to be funny but, I cant help it. I know this show deals with addiction and lets face it addiction is no laughing matter.


    First off you have Gary Busey there as a mentor ok that's funny as he should be a patient the man has some issues, but he gives the show it's comic relief. Jeff Conaway (rip) loved him in Taxi is in such denial over his addiction his last name should be river. Dr. Drew has his work cut out for him and seems to care for the patients.

    I think the show has it's touching moments and it's funny moments,altogether it is an entertaining show. But I don't think the show is as hard hitting as it could be, lets face it we know it could delve deeper into the problems of these addicts but sense it for television it only skims the surface,of the real problems at hand.

    But I do find the show worth watching cause there is something appealing at watching how addicts coincide with each other and the reactions are priceless from comedic to awe inspiring to sad and beautiful.

    So in closing I think the show has merit as entertainment as a helping tool the jury is still out on that one as I see some of the cast members do return needing more help or the show just could need a shot in the arm as far as ratings go who knows.

  • I love Dr. Drew so much and this show has taught me a lot! I too want to become an addictionscounsellorso this show was perfect for me! There was a lot of drama this season which made it even more amazing to see how or if each addict would recover.


    So many bombs were dropped this season. Between the death of good friends and the calling of the cops almost every episode this season has been quite interesting. Although I did not like this season more then season 4 I really grew to like Michael Logan and Steven Adler. Dr. Drew didn't seem as into this season as Bob Forrest but it was still great to see Drew as well as Dr. Sharp. Everyone on this season has made hugeimprovementsin their life and hopefully each one of them will reachsobriety. I highlyrecommendthis show to everyone!

  • This goes out to Dr. Drew directly.I just heard about Mike Starr and my Heart goes out to his Family and out to You.You worked so hard with him and he overcame so much.I cant believe he Relapsed.

    This goes out to Dr. Drew directly.I just heard about Mike Starr and my Heart goes out to his Family and out to You.You worked so hard with him and he overcame so much.I cant believe he Relapsed.I guess that just Really Shows How Powerful Drug Addiction Really Is On the brighter side he is up in Heaven JAMMING with Lane Staley. I enjoy watching the show.I have had many Friends and Relatives addicted to many different drug ..I Really enjoy watching your show.I Feel for All The Celebrities.It really has to be tough on of them.I also look foreward to when you bring some of the Celebrities back for updates on how they are doing,Its just a real shame that you just had Mike Starr on showing how well he was doing and now he Relapsed and now there is No More Chances For Him:R.I.P. MIKE STARR
  • Great reality show that shows some hard core addicts and their road to recovery.

    This show is awesome!

    I think it helps those who are not addicts understand what happens in rehab and also may assist an addict watching with taking steps for recovery. This show is an emotional roller coaster for the viewers and at times makes you feel sick because of the raw emotions and physical pain these patients are in. Then, if it's a celebrity that is of real interest to the viewere, it's even more intense. The cameras must be very difficult for patients and I struggle with the fact that this something that has to interfere with recovery. Nevertheless, this is an eye opener and even if the patients were not celebrities I'd watch anyway.
  • This show is a must-see.

    This show is phenomenal. It delves into the true pain and heartache that comes along with the horrendous disease of addiction. Although depressing to watch at times, it gives real insight to what these people are experiencing. It allows the general public to realize that celebrities deal with the same issues that the rest of of us face, if not worse. Dr. Drew is truly a hero and should be so proud of all his accomplishments. I know that he has profoundly impacted the lives of an exuberant amount of people and Celebrity Rehab only reinforces the the gift of recovery that he offers to people's lives everyday.
  • That's some crazy stuff

    What to say? The show follows, what I would call D list celebrities, trip to what Dr. Drew hopes will be sobriety. It is a serious show but I will admit I have got a couple of laughs out of it. I really just see Brigitte Nielsen staying sober sadly but hopefully I am wrong and more people stay sober. A second season would also be nice to see. It can't get any better than how it is now. Dr. Drew treats the celebrities like normal people and tells them what they really need to hear. I really thought it would be terrible.
  • When I first heard about this show, I thought it would make excellent t.v., but I thought it would hurt the celebrities in there true intention to get sober, boy was I wrong.

    I thought dr. drew was nuts for trying this. I truly injoyed watching this every week. I loved rooting for them. It was nice to see people with problems and them not being on the tabloids. I loved Halo. I pray for Jessica. I hope that Jeff can get and stay sobber for the res of his life. I grew close to all of them. Danniel Baldwin bothered me, but I am still curious on what he has to say about the show. I constantly want to be updated on their progress. I hope they have a season 2 with some new celebrities, and it wouldn't hurt to see some of the old ones. This was an all around good show and I'd love to see it again
  • I'm an FP doc with more experience treating chronic pain than addiction. I'd like to see more attention to treating both issues in the same individual. It is so difficult when the meds that really HELP them also HURT them.

    First off, that's not my picture above my name! As a FP physician, I was quite intrigued with this program on several counts. At first I was afraid it was going to be a "fluff piece", looking at the issue just as a celebrity thing, but instead I was quite impressed at the total professionalism Dr Drew displayed regarding the seriousness and uniqueness of their problems because of their celebrity. Their "world" IS "the party world" more than those in the "non-celebrity" life, in general. Most of us can get by without having to make contacts with others via party circuits. For those whose world has revolved around the "party circuit," getting off addictive substances that many can just use casually but others have severe issues with must be a terrible burden. How do you maintain those prior contacts yet stay clean? How do you learn how to make "clean friendships" and learn who really is trustworthy and worthy of your trust and friendship after your life has revolved around substances and not people? I missed the "Reunion show" and have not been able to find a way to view it online. I'd really like to see a follow-up show at one year, including Daniel Baldwin, that perhaps take two hours or even runs two hours for two weeks to really interview all of them again and see if they can be as honest at that point about where they have come, any rebounding they went thru, and if they truly are clean. If this a multiple rehab step, was it the third or the tenth that finally got to them--and what about this time worked? Was it being documented before "the world" and being "accountable to an audience" that made a difference or just what? Many have had fans in the past to who they would have stated they were accountable, though. Why, if it was, was this time different--for good or bad?

    I hope the show's producers and the participants will give this serious consideration. As a professional like Dr Drew, I am very interested from that vantage point. I'd love to visit his facility when I travel to the LA area soon, but such "tours" are probably not allowed, even for co-professionals. I'd love to give Dr Drew a personal thanks for the education this show has brought.

    Dr Deb
  • I hope the show comes back. I think it truly helps people.

    Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew was a very informative show. The show portrays how even famous people can fall into the gripping throngs of drugs. I think the program shows the ugly side of addiction that we usually don't get to see. It also showed me, no matter how famous, loving caring, or nice a person is, drugs are everywhere and can affect us all.
    I found myself really pulling for the people on the show. This was a different look at "drug users" for me. The show puts a human face on drug users. I thought Dr. Drew Pinsky was great handling the people. I can see how it would be very rewarding and at times very frustrating for him. I thought the show was truly educational and heart wrenching.

    When I seen the previews for celebritiy rehab i was thrilled... it was well worth the wait... Dr Drew did an awesome job all the way around... not only did he help the addicts on the show he also helped me... the whole show was extremely helpful... seeing the people in withdrawl kept it real green for me. it brought me right back and i never want to go through all that again... the show helps you to not forget where you came from. and i can have it all back yup it's that easy... scarey... it reminded me how this is life or death.... they showed how it's more than just putting down the substance it's alot of work... but well worth it... i'm living proof... life is so much better sober.... the oportunities that were given to them can be life changing... at the end when dr drew offered the halfway house the ones who jumped on it good job... i was yelling at the tv when jaimee copped out with all her excuses.. the biggest reason being the T.V. .. I could not believe she turned down this opportunity to save her life...
    there are so many sick and suffering addicts/alcoholics who want help but can't get it due to resources, insurance, etc... i am grateful to this show for reminding me how cunning this disease is and it's life or death for me... they also expressed that just because you completed rehab the work doesn't stop... it's just getting started and it's life long.... maybe after this show legislation,congress,etc will see how real this disease is and that there are many people who want/need help but can't get either because no ins/resources, etc... there is one big difference celebs who go to rehab actually to me it's more like 5star resort with vacations... in the real world it's not like that.... neverless i am so glad they came out with this show... it was real all the way through... thank you
  • B Celeb Crackpots

    Good grief, Celeb Rehab is a complete and utter freak show. But its riveting. It's like looking in a crystal ball for Lindsey, Britney and even Paris. This show is very real, and dramatic at some spots-but it doesn't seem that many of them are getting any better. I don't agree with all the methods of the clinic-and at times I feel like a voyeur that shouldn't be looking at these folks degenerate or try to recoup. But, hey-they signed up for the publicity, probably to reinvent most of their stalled careers. It's an ok show to pass time on when nothing else is on.
  • Dr. Drew brings the truth about addiction to us. He shows how being a celebrity isn't all glitz and glamor. From rock bottom addict to hopefully becoming a person again.

    Dr. Drew brings his Pasadena Recovery center to VH1. The patients are Jaimee Foxworth (from Family Matters), Seth "Shifty" Binzer (Band Crazytown), Ricco Rodriquez (UFC fighter), Daniel Baldwin (Baldwin Brother), Brigitte Nielson (Red Sonja, ex of Sylvester Stallone), Chyna (WWF wrestler), Mary Carey (ex porn star and ran for governor of cali), and Jeff Conaway (Grease and Taxi). Don't think you'll be watching any of those other VH1 reality shows like Flavor of Love or Rock of Love. This is the real thing. The show is unpredictable. It shows how addiction effects the body and mind. In the case of Jeff Conaway who is addicted to cocaine and synthetic morphine. Which causes him to have seizures and can't walk. It shows his struggle to be able to walk and just to deal with every day issues without the aid of drugs. Each of there stories on why they started using drugs is the key to the show. From Chyna and Mary Carey getting abused as children to just using drugs to cope with the stress of the business. I thought it would just be a circus, but it's not. Dr. Drew does a wonderful job keeping these celebrities huge ego in check. I highly suggest the show for parents to watch with there 13+ children. To show Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan's wild parting has consequences.
  • This is what happens when celebrities stop thier bad habits.

    Honestly and truthfully this is not that bad of a show. There is a lot of realism and groundbreaking drama that no other reality show has ever captured. This show exposes the rawness and intensity that happens in a rehabilitation facility. The group brings something fresh that has never before been seen on television. "Celebrity Rehab" definitely defines "shocking" and "revealing". Dr. Drew Pinsky has started something that could possibly become a major hit. This show is defintely the viewing experience. Nothing like this has ever been done and nothing like this has ever been seen. This show is intense and really good.
  • Has been "B" celebrities deal with their addictions as Dr. Drew doles out advice/support.

    VH1 gathers up any "B"/has been celebrities and gives them a reality tv show. That's its "success" formula and like sheep we follow...we complain about it...but we follow nonetheless. I followed for this show because of its one redeeming factors: Dr. Drew, a real doctor dealing with these individuals. Dr. Drew first won over many fans with MTV's LoveLine and I think has continued to do so through various other mediums. This show is yet another way for Dr. Drew to spread his knowledge to other victims/addicts. He may be receiving some flack from other professionals because of the very public nature of a reality televion series but I have never doubted his sincere hope to help these individuals. While overacting no doubt is present and some may be using this as a way to jumpstart their careers or catapult them into celebrity status, their problems seem genuine and, one would think, their very tragic childhoods are also truthful. Here's to hoping this show works on these individuals and that Dr. Drew continues to work his wonders.
  • Celebrities in excess from alcohol to drugs and who knows what else perhaps eating disorders as well.

    Celebrities from past and present try to de-tox. Though some think it is a game for them to put themselves out there and nothing more. A cross between the Surreal Life and Real Life. Some are there to take it serious and some think it's sleep away camp for wayward celebs.

    It's pretty sad to see some of them in this state, but if it reaches out to anyone who is in need of help, so be it.

    Coming from someone who I have helped in a detox situation, it is not always fun and games and drugs mask what is really going on. Yes, these celebs could afford it, but there is real drama surrounding detox and life "stuff". A must see for all who put celebs on a pedestal, or for people who have addiction problems.
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    I am 49 yrs have been clean/sober for 24 yrs. 3 mo.and have done it all alone. Never been to an AA meeting. It has been the hardest thing I do EVERY day.My mother abused me from the age of 4 months and from the types of abuse I have physical disabilities for the rest of my life. I have had to have over 20 abdominal surgeries. My mother was a munch-Houser by proxy (but back then there was no name for it) I have had huge physical problems my whole life. My drinking started at the age of 13 to self medicate me from the pain I had. I no longer speak to
    my parents and have not for 5 years I am going on my 25 wedding anniversary.
    My PLEA to you is.....while watching
    your show on addition I connected to
    Bridget Nelson she so very compassionate
    to others even in the confines of what she is going through
    Cyndy Hamilton
  • Former celebrities go through rehab with Dr. Drew.

    This show is AMAZING! Not amazing in a good way; but in a way where I hope no one I ever know has to go through anything like this. It is really sad to see how celebrities turn out, I'm sure its even worse for the common man. I appreciate the older, dare I say wiser, members who have been in rehab before really mentoring and helping the others.
    This is only the first week, but I can't pull myself away from watching. It may have to do with my Dr. Drew withdrawal ever since they took Loveline off the air.
  • Very real and very revealing show!!!

    From the deathly sick to those who seem to have no problems at all, we are looking at people who have abused drugs over a long period and some very hardcore drugs. What makes it more interesting is that they are celebrities who have decided to open up their lives, and through that we are able to see a seedier side of the entertainment business. Jeff Conaway who is in real bad condition and whose used cocaine. Shifty Shellshock, who was the leader singer in a band who released a song that was laughed at upon release, uses coke. Bridgette Neilson & Daniel Baldwin who drug of choice is alcohol. Jamie Foxworth & Mary Carey both were porn stars once upon a time. Chyna Doll and even a formal American Idol contestant. So this promises to be an interesting show.