Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew - Season 3

Thursday 10:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Jan 10, 2008 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Intake
    Episode 1
    Dr. Drew returns for another season of Celebrity Rehab and this time the cast includes some real standouts such as Dennis Rodman and former madam, Heidi Fleiss. After the patients meet at the Pasadena Recovery Center, Dr. Drew meets with them individually.
  • Detox
    Episode 2
    The new patients go through the physical effects of detox. Mike Starr goes through severe withdrawal symptoms and later in group, the patients reveal their lowest points while using.
  • 1/21/10
    Detox continues and later Mindy McCready suffers a seizure and is taken to the hospital. Heidi Fleiss tells the group that she spends most of her time alone with birds in the desert, while Dennis says that he hosts parties in his home for hundreds of people every night. Tom Sizemore finally arrives for treatment, but before Dr. Drew can fully admit him, Tom leaves against Dr. Drew's wishes.moreless
  • New Patients
    Episode 4
    As the first week of treatment comes to an end, Tom Sizemore decides to return to the Pasadena Recovery Center, followed by his girlfriend Monroe. Dr. Drew sets up an expressive-therapy exercise that helps Joey Kovar and Mackenzie Phillips explore anger from their childhoods.
  • Loss
    Episode 5
    Kari Ann Peniche arrives at the Pasadena Recovery Center to begin treatment, and it's not long before her demanding personality offends the other patients. In process group, Tom shares that he is homeless, news that shocks Heidi who once lived with him in a seven million dollar home. The group attends a Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) meeting.moreless
  • Triggers
    Episode 6
    Former addicts from Celebrity Rehab come back and encourage the patients to remain sober. Brigitte Nielsen tries to help Dennis and Kari Ann verbally attacks Mackenzie.
  • Family Weekend
    Episode 7
    Dr. Drew tries to help Mike get over the death of Layne Staley and why his addiction is still happening. Dr. Drew invites the family members of the group to a lake house for a big group session.
  • Acting Out
    Episode 8
    Kari Ann and Mike engage in an act that jeopardizes their stay in treatment. Bob Forrest tracks down Heidi and convinces her to return to treatment. Rehab is nearing it's end and the pressure gets to Kari Ann as she storms out of the center.
  • Graduation
    Episode 9
    Kari Ann returns to treatment and she and the rest of the group write letters to say goodbye to their addictions. Dr. Drew gives the group sound advice before leaving the treatment center.