Celebrity Wife Swap

Season 2 Episode 2

Gary Busey / Ted Haggard

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 03, 2012 on ABC
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Gayle, the wife of disgraced pastor Ted Haggard goes to live with the unstable one-time Oscar nominee actor Gary Busey and his baby boy. Busey's fiancee, Steffanie, goes to live with Haggard and his older children. The show starts with a flashback on Haggard's fall in a past scandal and a discussion with his family on what actually happened.moreless
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    This show featured Gary Busey's fiance Steffanie and Ted Haggard's wife Gayle. The first bit of time the swapped wives see their new home and read a family manual. I think the producers hope it will spark heated debate. This episode wasn't bumper cars or even a pillow fight. Nerf balls? Yep. No god warriors, just Jewish hypnotherapist Steffanie and Christian Gayle the pastors wife. Both acted like adults, how refreshing.

    Ted Haggard was the disgraced Evangelical leader forced out for allegedly messing around with a male masseur and taking drugs in 2006. Gary Busey is a well known actor and survivor of a serious motorcycle accident whose mind works out in the nebulous atmosphere about 10 feet above and to the left of his body.

    ---------------------------------------------spoiler alerts-----------------------------------------------------------

    Gary and Steffanie are married in spirit and have a toddler named Luke. Ted and Gayle have 5 children and a marriage of 33 years. In the beginning there were a few uncomfortable moments. Steffanie flubbed in front of a huge women's bible study group and Gayle declined Indian Bob's spirit cleaning. Steffanie thought Gayle was calling the male prostitute a devil in her book (I don't remember the title of Gayle Haggard's book) but Ted and Gayle said that he was more of a trial and blessing in disguise kind of thing. Steffanie felt Gayle portrayed gays as evil people. Gayle said that was incorrect. I haven't read this book so I don't know what the exact context or wording was. I can't say who was more accurate, Steffanie and Ted both tried explaining their ideas about gay's getting married.

    It was obvious to me both families had tremendous love in their hearts in a genuine way. When it was time for the wives to set their new rules in each house, Steffanie thought rules was too harsh and substituted "ways" . Gayle's rules included Gary thinking of others first instead of his monopolizing the attention constantly. He had to help her prepare dinner (the Busey's usually are out), take Luke out for walks, and listen to her story. Steffanie deduced anger and sadness in the Haggard's kids. Her "ways" included more father-daughter time. This caused tension when one son defended his dad and the sister felt the hostility wasn't necessary. Steffanie arranged for a family hike so Ted and his children had quality interactions away from the demands of his new congregation.

    At the end, the couples reunite, sit down in a four-some, and rehash what happened during the wife swap. Gary agreed on the resurrection power of Easter but the Haggards aren't buying they had past lifetimes.

    I enjoyed this episode of Celebrity Wife Swap because both couples had real strong beliefs without being nasty about it. Also, they showed wonderful interactions with their children and we need to see more of that on reality TV.moreless

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