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Celebrity Wife Swap (UK)

Channel 4 (ended 2009)


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Celebrity Wife Swap (UK)

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Following the success of Wife Swap (UK) this set of special episodes, followed two celebrity couples swap. As the wife/partner from a celebrity couple swapped places with a wife/partner from another celebrity couple. For the first weeks of the swap, they had to follow the rules of the wifes house that they had moved into, in the second week of the swap they were allowed to change the rules in the hope that the men/partner within the swap would learn something. At the end of the swap, the couples normally met up and discussed the changes that they implemented and their time living in one anothers homes. The main show was cancelled as part of a Channel 4 shakeup in 2009.
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  • Flav Flavor & The Sniders

    The Sniders are a great family, super, A+++++. Flav is a jerk, a rude, insolent, childish, self-centered, disrespectful, immature jerk. Everything Suzette said is what we - the public saw. I bet 99.9% of the public would agree with her. I can't see any wife putting up with him. Perhaps, the reason his wife does is because she gets to live in a nice house, can crochet all day, not even have to look after her own children. She gets to do whatever she wants and nothing that she doesn't want to do, so she puts up with him. Good thing he found her because absolutely nobody else would put up with him. He doesn't even have the common decency or courtesy to be quiet when Suzette is explaining her experience in his home. Flav's world revolves around him, totally. He is a disgrace. Suzette was right about everything she said about Flav.moreless

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