Celebrity Wife Swap (UK)

Channel 4 (ended 2009)


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  • Season 1
    • Tessa Sanderson swaps with Maggie Atkinson
      Racist football manager Ron Atkinson's wife Maggie, who does everything for her husband in return for expensive gifts swaps places with black athelete Tessa Sanderson, who's household duties are shared out equally with her partner.
    • Rhona Cameron swaps with Vivienne Boardman
      Rhona Cameron swaps lifes with Stan Boardman's wife Vivienne, leaving Stan to live with Rhona's lesbian partner Suran.
    • Jilly Goolden swaps with Cynthia O'Neal
      Wine critic Jilly Goolden swaps places with soul singer Alexander O'Neal. Whilst Alex's wife Cynthia moves into the Goolden household. Whilst Jilly struggles to keep to Alex's schedule, Cynthia finds the distance between herself and Jilly's husband to hard and can't understand when the couple have any time for one another.moreless
    • Sinitta swaps with Sandra Jones
      Eighties' Pop star Sinitta swaps places with actor Bruce Jones' wife. Bruce is used to going to the pub, heavily smoking and not doing anything around the house and whilst granddaughter Sophie lives with them it's having an effect on her, not being able to communicate with her granddad. Sinitta's mum and the Nanny tend to look after the kids at Sinitta's house, whilst husband Andy spends all day at work. When the rules change Bruce has a acting workshop to teach and is banned from going to the pub, smoking and watching television, all rules which he breaks except for not watching tv. He does the chores his wife normally has to do and realises he takes her for granted. Sophie also gets to try and know her granddad but the only breakthrough is made once the crew returns after the swap. Whilst at Sinitta's, Andy is encouraged to come home earlier from work and spend time with the kids, something he's willing to do, even if he isn't impressed with the mess that's being left from the kids making paintings to put up.moreless
    • Sam Fox swaps with Donna Starr
      Sam Fox swaps places with Freddie Starr's wife and manager Donna. Whilst Donna goes to live with Sam's partner and manager Myra Strattan. As Freddie leads his life gigging all over the country, he leaves Donna normally to look after there three children. Sam however has other ideas and wants Freddie to become more involved with looking after the children, becoming more maternal by the day and eventually coming to the decision that she wants Myra and her to have children. Whilst Myra realises how much she misses Sam, but she also needs to focus more on what she wants when she gets back home.moreless
    • Pete Burns swaps with Leah Newman
      Pete Burns has recently married his partner Michael Simpson, whilst Neil Ruddock's partner Leah Newman is just getting use to looking after the new addition to there family Pebbles. Michael who normally spends all his time looking after Pete, has visions of becoming an artist and when ex-page three model Leah swaps places with Pete, she inspires him to start taking photos again. Whilst over at the Ruddock house, Neil who normally doesn't look after Pebble's at all, is put in his place by Pete who refuses to look after the baby a lot of the time and tries to teach Neil how to be romantic.moreless
    • Vanessa Feltz swaps with Debbie McGee
      TV personality, Vanessa Feltz's fiancé Ben Ofoedu, used to be a singer, whilst Paul Daniels is the magician who made his wife Debbie McGee, famous as his assistant. As the two swap, Debbie has to struggle with Vanessa's early morning starts and Vanessa has to result in confrontational tactics to get Paul to talk to her at all.moreless
    • Edwina Currie swaps with Jenny McCririck
      Politician Edwina Currie trades places with racing pundit John McCririck's wife Jenny, or Booby which John calls her. Edwina tells Jenny that she should be putting herself first at all times, letting husband John not have any of the limelight at all whilst over at the McCririck house, Jenny has told Edwina she must look after John all the time.moreless
    • Jade Goody swaps with Diana Ingram
      Ex Big Brother contestant swaps places with Charles Ingram, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? cheats, wife Diana. While Diana settles in with Jade's partner Jeff Brazier and there children. Charles is joined by Jade.