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  • Centennial

    The best!!!
  • T story of the west from the first white man till modern times.

    I remember watching the when I was 10 years old the first time. I just loved Pasquinel, McKeag, Clay Basket, Jim Lloyd and all the other characters. I've read the book too. I bought it on DVD a few years back and still one of the best miniseries I've ever seen. Centennial it well made even by todays standards and the actors are just fantastic. If I have name someone special it would be Richard Chaimberland. He is just great in this. But really everone is suberb.
    I love the fact it tells a grand story over many generations and with characters we like, dislike but still respect. If you haven't seen it yet you really should. I highly recomend it!
  • this was a cool mini-series

    i don't know if i ever saw all of this show. i don't remember when it was on tv for the first time. i remember watching it on tbs during the mid to late eighties. i wish they would replay it or put it out on dvd. another show this reminds me of was the awakening land starring elizabeth montgomery.
  • Centennial is the story about Colorado and it's settlers, it is a story about how the town of Centennial became, and it is a story about Men and Women who came before us and worked and died for the land we love.

    I was 8 years old when this series came out, I remember the very first moment I heard the theme on out little TV in Denmark, and I remember I was glued to the screen for all 12 epi(c)sodes.

    It is a story about injustice, love, broken hearts, loss, creation and crime.

    It is a story about Settlers, Indians, travelling folks and wilderness, a story about how the west became civilized in the shadow of those people who sacrificed everything for their land and their families.

    Then recently I actually spotted the complete series at my local library, so I dusted off my old VHS player and sat down again, and again I was blown away again, in my opinion there really isn't many other tv series that even come close to this well acted and well written epic.

    Just watch it if you can.