Center of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 6

And the Silver Medal Goes To...

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Dec 08, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

Miles turns to John for advice when he can't decide who to ask to the homecoming dance, and John doesn't mince words letting him know that he's looking a little out of his league. Tommy interrupts a soiree Kate is having with four of her co-workers from school -- among them, Donna Kidwell, a picture-perfect blonde, and Marcia Weaver, a frumpy brunette. When Tommy overhears Donna asking Kate to fix up her and the other gals with a great guy just like John and Kate replies that she doesn't know any, he takes her to task after the party's over, and Kate tells him that her friends are a little out of his league. Tommy then begs her to fix him up with one of them, so he can be with a smart woman, for once. Neither she nor John want to be involved in Tommy's love life, but since he put her on the spot, she has no choice but to set him up on a date with Marcia, the smartest of the four eligible ladies. With John and Kate present, Tommy and Marcia have their date in the Barnett's living room, and seem to hit it off. Indeed, Marcia drops by their house the next morning to thank Kate for the great time she had with Tommy. Meanwhile, Tommy is in the other room telling John that Kate fixed him up with the wrong friend. He wanted "the hot one." And Marcia overhears every last word. After Marcia bolts out of the house, Kate chews Tommy out, and lets him know that Marcia heard what he said. Never mind that Donna, the one Tommy wanted, isn't the smart woman he asked for. When Tommy continues to ask Kate to fix him up with Donna, John shares a story of how there was this hot woman, Beverly, who happened to be Kate's roommate and whom he was interested in. So he kept dropping by to talk to Kate, all the while hoping that Beverly would notice him. But when she never did, John eventually came to realize that Kate was the girl for him. John's yarn convinces Tommy to try to win Marcia back, but with that problem out of the way, another one springs up -- John never told Kate that story before. After failing to make amends with his wife, John runs things by Lily, who tells him to make it up to her by planning a romantic outing. Meanwhile, Miles narrows it down to the only two available girls in class, both of whom have bad teeth, neither of whom he likes. And when the one he really doesn't like calls him and they end up going together, John forces him to grin and bear it, because, after all, Beverlys and Donnas are hard to get and second choices sometimes pan out. Tommy's calls to Marcia go unanswered, so he pays her a surprise visit smack dab in the middle of her science class... dressed up in a human body bodystocking. After admitting that he made a mistake, she decides to give him another chance. John treats Kate to a carriage ride in the dead of night on one of the coldest nights of the year, en route to what was recently voted Chicago's most romantic restaurant. But it's so cold that, before they get there, Kate pleads with him to just stop at a dumpy diner and forget about it. Inside, Kate tells him that the reason the Beverly story hurt her was because she thought it was fate that brought them together. John promises her that it was fate, because his crush on Beverly kept his nerves from getting the best of him. They both swear to never relay the story to anyone else ever again, and the diner becomes a romantic place in its own right when John asks her to dance with him.
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