Center of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 6

And the Silver Medal Goes To...

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Dec 08, 2004 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In both long shots of John's and Kate's carriage ride, the coachman is very obviously not Phillip R. Allen.

    • In the teaser, there is a jump cut in regards to Tommy's body position while he's walking through the door to the kitchen.

  • Quotes

    • Kate: Oh, honey. You look great. What happened to the plaid suit with the bow tie you were going to wear?
      John: Kilometers here came to realize it was a little too fashion-forward for a junior high dance.
      Miles: He said it was an invitation for a beating.

    • Marcia: Okay, hold on, hold on. Just to get this straight, this gentleman never wanted to go out with me. He wanted to go out with Miss Kidwell.
      Student: Oh, yeah!
      Tommy: Okay, kids, I'll admit it. I was being stupid, but now I've realized that sometimes you find true love when you look past your first choice to the person next to her. That's how John met Kate.
      Marcia: She said it was love at first sight.
      Tommy: I know, it's a huge mess. Will you give me another chance?
      Marcia: Well... we did have fun.
      Tommy: And that was me masking my disappointment. Imagine how much fun I can be when my heart's really in it!

    • Lily: Wow, this is a big day. Both of my brothers coming to me for advice on relationships. I got to say, feels pretty good.
      Tommy: Yeah, I figure you better than anyone understands what it's like to be rejected by a man... and if I'm going to win this girl back, I need the advice of someone who's been tossed aside before.

    • Lily: John, the reason that Kate is so upset about how you met is because it was so romantic. Like a fairy tale. The shy prince finally overcomes his fear and wins the hand of the beautiful princess.
      John: The truth isn't that different.
      Lily: The horny prince doesn't have the guts to hit on the slutty maiden, so he settles for the only other female in the room?
      John: I didn't settle for Kate. She was terrific. I was... distracted by the slutty maiden.

    • Tommy: Well, now I got to figure out a way to win Marcia back. I'd better put my thinking cap on.
      John: That the one with the propeller on it?

    • Kate: Marcia just stopped by. She wanted to tell you how much fun she had with you last night, and she heard every word you said.
      Tommy: Damn it! How was I supposed to... John didn't tell me that... oh, you two really screwed up this time!

    • Kate: So, uh, how was the ride home?
      Marcia: Oh, he was a perfect gentleman. Didn't try a thing. And, believe you me, I would've let him.

    • Marcia: Oh, my gosh, I had so much fun!
      Kate: Good.
      Marcia: Your brother-in-law is so... You know, he's just so...
      Kate: I have to be honest. I have no idea what word you're searching for.

    • John: Well, you better call that other girl.
      Miles: I don't know, Dad. She can be pretty annoying. She likes to make up these stupid, little nicknames for everybody.
      John: What stupid, little nickname does she have for you, Miles?
      Miles: Oh, she wouldn't dare. I'm on a much higher ring of nerds than her.
      (Phone rings)
      John: Hello. Who? Why, yes, I believe Kilometers is home. Oh, Kilometers, it's for you.

    • Kate: We need more champagne. Isn't it amazing how well they're hitting it off?
      John: Yeah, it is amazing. It's like a lost episode of Scooby Doo where Shaggy and Velma get it on.

    • Miles: There are only two girls left without dates. You got "needs braces" and "has braces."

    • Kate: Okay, Tommy. I guess the reason I didn't think of you is that my friends aren't the kind of women that you usually date. They're more mature. You know, career-minded.
      John: They read.

    • Kate: If you ever leave me, I'll kill you. Oh.
      John: Then you'd be in jail and alone... Although a nice, pretty girl like you wouldn't be alone for long.

    • Miles: Actually, I am having a problem deciding who to ask to the homecoming dance. Here's my class picture. This is the girl I like.
      John: Tall, blonde one. Good eye, son, but, uh... seeing as how this is your first real dance, why don't you play it safe? How about one of these... little ones in the front row?
      Miles: Front row? Those girls are all flat-chested!
      John: Dude, as the only kid in the picture doing jazz hands, I think the front row is the way to go.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • John: Deep? My favorite show is Green Acres. Hell, it still is Green Acres.
      The fourth season of Green Acres, the 1965-1971 CBS comedy hit, happened to air in the same time slot that Center of the Universe did.

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