Center of the Universe

CBS (ended 2005)


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  • Season 1
    • Independence Day (a.k.a. Tommy Deals)
      Tommy seeks independence after John accuses him of being a mooch, but John has problems with Independent Tommy, too.
    • Marathon Woman
      Marathon Woman
      Episode 14
      When the relatives surprise Art and Marge with a down payment on a retirement condo for old people, Art is delighted, but Marge is insulted.
    • The Break-In
      The Break-In
      Episode 13
      Because they were "protected" by Barnett Security, Art blames John after his and Marge's house is robbed, and decides to take matters into his own hands.
    • Oh, Brother, What the Hell Were You Thinking? (a.k.a. Father vs. Uncle)
      John is upset when Kevin starts turning to Tommy for advice instead of him -- especially after Tommy convinces Kevin to break up with his hometown girlfriend.
    • It's the Principal of the Thing
      Kate won't stop complaining about the new principal she has to answer to, but when John meets the guy, he believes the other side of the story.
    • The New Neighbors
      The New Neighbors
      Episode 10
      For Miles' sake, John and Kate spend time with their new neighbors -- whom they have nothing in common with -- because Miles and their son seem to like each other. Meanwhile, Tommy's anger towards Art reaches a boiling point.
    • If You Love Something Leave It Alone
      John and Kate go a little overboard on Miles' extracurricular activities, and struggle to find something he's good at.
    • The Work of Art
      The Work of Art
      Episode 8
      At Marge's urging, John brings Art out of retirement in hopes of curing his depression -- which sets off a domino effect where nothing is as it seems.
    • Lily's Boyfriend
      Lily's Boyfriend
      Episode 7
      Everyone seems to love Lily's new boyfriend... everyone except Lily, that is. Meanwhile, when Tommy looks for someone to take his extra Bulls ticket -- that Lily's new boyfriend gave him -- he's a little imperceptive to his co-worker's love of the game.
    • And the Silver Medal Goes To...
      It's Murphy's Law when Kate grudgingly agrees to fix Tommy up with a fellow teacher. Meanwhile, Miles looks for a date to take to a homecoming dance.
    • Art's Heart
      Art's Heart
      Episode 5
      Art hurrying out of his Sunday brunches with Miles exposes the elder Barnett's heart problems. Meanwhile, Tommy treats Marge to a belated Mother's Day gift.
    • Good Parent, Bad Parent
      For Thanksgiving, John has little to be thankful for when he assumes that Sara is sleeping with her boyfriend, but his meddling doesn't sit well with Lily. Meanwhile, Tommy and Kevin take Art on a road trip to a turkey ranch Art was taken to years ago.
    • Alarmed and Dangerous
      A panic-stricken widow pesters Barnett Security constantly, but when Tommy is assigned to the case, he sees a little more of the woman than her alarm system.
    • The Lake House
      The Lake House
      Episode 2
      Everyone but Tommy is disgusted when Lily's ex invites her and her family to a lake house party that's being thrown by him and his bride-to-be.
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Thanks to the relatives, John's and Kate's attempt to renew their wedding vows does not go over as smoothly as planned.