Center of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 4

Good Parent, Bad Parent

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Nov 24, 2004 on CBS
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Good Parent, Bad Parent
For Thanksgiving, John has little to be thankful for when he assumes that Sara is sleeping with her boyfriend, but his meddling doesn't sit well with Lily. Meanwhile, Tommy and Kevin take Art on a road trip to a turkey ranch Art was taken to years ago.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • There is a very big jump cut in regards to the position of Spencer Breslin's arms during the scene where he's watching the parade and fighting to keep control of the remote.

    • QUOTES (12)

      • John: Ryan, you and Sara have been going out... how long now?
        Ryan: Two years.
        John: Wow, blink of an eye.
        Ryan: Not to me. I mean, being 17, 2 years is 11% of my whole life. 11.7, actually, but I guess for you, 2 years is only 4...
        John: Okay, Ryan, we all get that you're good at math.

      • Marge: Well, I have to say, I admire Sara. Most teenagers wouldn't have that kind of willpower. I know I didn't. You know, I remember when I met your father, he had an Oldsmobile with a bench seat that folded down.
        Kate: I'm home!
        John: Too much information... Too much wine, too.

      • John: Anything else going on with our children I should know about?
        Kate: Oh, well, I found a couple of strange magazines under Miles' bed.
        John: Ooh-la-la magazines?
        Kate: I wish.

      • Kate: Hey, thanks again for agreeing to pick up Kevin at school tomorrow.
        Tommy: Oh, it's my pleasure. Oh, by the way, don't bother picking up a turkey for Thanksgiving. I got you covered.
        John: Oh, this ought to be good. Remember the year we decorated the Christmas cactus?

      • Kate: John, look, we don't know if anything's actually happening. Besides, Ryan knows that Sara's my niece. If they were having sex, why would he be dropping clues in a book report?
        John: He's mocking us.
        Kate: You're overreacting, John.
        John: I know. You're right.
        Kate: And so am I.
        John: We're both overreacting. She's a good kid. I mean, she plays the cello, for God's sake. Not like one of those slutty bassoon players.

      • Lily: Oh, excuse us. Hi. I need Ryan and Sara to go back to my house. Sorry, I forgot the folding chairs.
        Ryan: Great.
        John: Okey dokey. Let's see--that's 10 minutes up, 10 minutes back, 5 minutes for weather, 5 minutes to get the chairs. See you back here in about a half an hour. You're not the only one that's good at math.

      • John: They're doing it! Sara and Ryan are doing it!
        Miles: Doing what?
        John: Trigonometry. Boy, are they smart.

      • Tommy: This is Finkel's Turkey Ranch, right?
        Rebecca: Yeah. But all the wild turkeys are dead. So are all the Finkels.
        Tommy: Are you sure we can't hunt here? What happened to the hundreds of acres of forest?
        Rebecca: Wal-Mart.

      • John: I am really sorry, Lil.
        Lily: Well, you should be. I got a feeling now when Sara is ready, she's going to have to get another boyfriend. I think you scared the sex right out of Ryan.

      • Marge: That was so sweet of Tommy to surprise Art with the hunting trip. I remember when my grandmother used to bring home live chickens... and we'd slit their throats in the sink.

      • John: You know, Miles, one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is watching football on TV. Sitting on the couch with my son watching the Chicago Bears. It's a great tradition.
        Miles: Dad, I'm watching the parade.
        John: Come on, it's been ten minutes. My turn.
        Miles: I just want to see one stinkin', giant balloon. Is that too much to ask?
        John: Great. Fine. Okay, okay. Oh, look, another horse dressed like a pilgrim.

      • John: It doesn't surprise me. Sara's practically on her own anyway. Ever since the divorce, that weasel Gary's never around. Poor Lily has to work.
        Kate: Is there any chance this is none of our business?
        John: Honey, I got one sister, and she's got one kid. I got to tell her. She's going to be a basket case.
        Kate: You know what? Why don't you talk to Gary? I mean, he's Sara's father.
        John: Good choice. Somebody else who had sex in the house without Lily knowing it.

    • NOTES (6)

      • A scene from "Oh, Brother, What the Hell Were You Thinking? (a.k.a. Father vs. Uncle)" was used in the promo for this episode.

      • For reasons only Les Moonves, Nancy Tellem and Nina Tassler could understand, this episode was scheduled for this date, pulled, replaced with "Art's Heart," and then put back, all in one week's time.

      • Guest star Zachery Ty Bryan is credited as Zachery Bryan.

      • Guest star Richard Keith's character was originally called Bradley. That is also what he is credited as playing.

      • Richard Keith (who plays Margo Harshman's boyfriend on the show) also recurs as Roger, the boyfriend of Penny on Quintuplets. Jake McDorman, who plays Penny's brother, Parker, on the show, also played Margo Harshman's boyfriend on Run of the House.

      • On October 20, 2004, Good Day Live took a trip to the Center of the Universe set during rehearsals for this episode, which was taped on October 22. Host Steve Edwards interviewed John Goodman, while Olympia Dukakis, Melinda McGraw, Diedrich Bader and Spencer Breslin were also present and accounted for.

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Art: What are you trying to do? "Gaslight" me?
        A term derived from the 1940 and 1944 films, Gaslight, in which a manipulative husband attempts to drive his wife crazy.

      • Rebecca: So, where are the rest of the Backstreet Boys?
        Zachery Ty Bryan bears passing resemblance to frontman Nick Carter.