Center of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 7

Lily's Boyfriend

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Dec 15, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lily's got a new boyfriend, Ted, and Marge makes a big production over his first appearance at John's and Kate's house, fearful that Lily may never get another shot at bat. Ted easily wins the family over, particularly Tommy after he offers to share the wealth with his firm's season pass for the Chicago Bulls. John and Kate go out on a double date with Lily and Ted, but when Lily invites them to attend a B.B. King concert with her and her boyfriend, Ted confesses to John in private that he doesn't think Lily likes him, because she doesn't want to have any dates with just the two of them present. After telling Ted that Lily appears to be nuts for him, John quickly comes to realize that she doesn't want to have any dates with just the two of them present. Ted hands Tommy two floor passes to the Bulls-Lakers game that Tommy specifically requested, and Tommy tells his co-worker, Victor, about his good fortune. But when Tommy asks Victor's advice about whom he should give his other ticket to, he fails to notice Victor's transparent begging, because he's too busy deciding which of the hot girls in the office he should ask first. And when they all turn him down one by one, Tommy stills fails to notice. Lily stops by Barnett Security to give John the concert tickets, and John decides to test his gut feeling by saying that he doesn't think he and Kate can make it. And she proves him right by admitting that she's not going to go if they're not going to. When John talks to Kate about this, she doesn't believe it, and goads him into continuing the double dating for Lily's sake. John and Kate have a great time at the concert, but Ted doesn't, and when Lily makes her discomfort with him all-too-obvious after the four arrive back at John's and Kate's house, Ted plans to bail. John convinces him to stick around, pulls Lily aside, and tells her to get over her nerves, or Ted's going to walk out on her. Which is when Lily admits that she doesn't like him -- she's just been forcing herself to pretend like she does because John likes him. Lily storms out of the house on the verge of tears after John tells her that what she's doing is crazy, and he and Kate are stuck having to explain to Ted that Lily walked out on him. The next day at work, Lily drops by to apologize to John, and he learns that the reason his approval means so much to her is because he's the golden boy of the family whom everyone looks up to. And when he hears that she talks about him in therapy, he grudgingly entertains her request to join her there in hopes of making their relationship as great as he mistakenly thought it was. In her therapist's office, John swears that he never did anything to make his sister a basket case and he never asked to be put on a pedestal, but he sees how wrong he is when the therapist shows him a home movie Lily brought in, featuring him as a young boy who interrupted her dance recital by showing Art and Marge his Etch-a-Sketch drawing. After their breakthrough, John and Lily share a hug, with the unfortunate promise of more therapy visits for John.