Center of the Universe

CBS (ended 2005)


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  • DAN

    This was a hillarious show, I've only seen two shows with John Goodman, Roseanne and Father of the Pride. So when I heard he had a new show I had to watch it because John Goodman is one of my personal favorite actors. The show was an all around disfunctional family that everyone can relate to one way or another. When I heard they had cancelled I yelled you freakin idiots, how could they cancel a great show like this, it's the funniest thing they have on next to Two and A Half Men. So I say bring it back, give Goodman a break.
  • not that bad

    this show was not fantastic, but was a decent new show, with a solid cast led by the great john goodman. do not know why it was axed after only 2.5 months. i thought this show could've done better rating wise had it been given a chance. i have seen many shows worse than this last for a full season.