Center of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 2

The Lake House

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Nov 03, 2004 on CBS
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The Lake House
Everyone but Tommy is disgusted when Lily's ex invites her and her family to a lake house party that's being thrown by him and his bride-to-be.

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      • Marge: She's a lovely girl. A lovely, little girl.
        John: Mom.
        Marge: What? I was just saying that she and Sara must have a lot to talk about being so close in age.
        Jamie: Please, I wish I was 16 again.
        Marge: Oh, so do I. Then we could throw Gary in jail.

      • Kate: I still can't believe Gary's throwing that party. You got to promise me that if we ever break up, you're not going to do our special things with somebody else.
        John: Right. No New Year's Eve party.
        Kate: Good. And no going to Hackney's.
        John: Deal.
        Kate: And no watching Singing in the Rain.
        John: Deal.
        Kate: And no sex.
        John: Well, I'm still going to have sex, but it won't be our special good sex.

      • Kate: Do you think your family called while we were gone?
        John: Let's take a heart-healthy walk over to the answering machine and find out. The answering machine says no.
        Kate: I want to hear him.
        Answering Machine V.O.: You have no messages.
        John: Such a nice man.

      • Marge: Don't worry. John will talk to Lily and fix everything.
        John: No, John won't fix everything, 'cause he tried and nobody wanted to listen. Tommy, you made your bed, now you got to lie in it... wherever the hell it is.

      • John: We have to go. No matter what Tommy thinks, it's going to be a horrible night for Lily. She's going to need one stable person there to keep an eye out for her.
        Kate: Oh, then I don't have to go!
        John: I need one stable person there to keep an eye on me!
        Kate: One more time?
        John: Please.
        Answering Machine V.O.: You have no messages.
        John: Those were the days.

      • Tommy: Lily, Mom and Dad assured me that they would be on their best behavior. And I, for one, believe them. For the first time in our lives, the four of us saw eye-to-eye... to-eye-to-eye... to-eye-to-eye-to-eye-to... to-eye... Yeah.

      • John: We're just like the Red Cross. Here to bandage the wounded and bury the dead.
        Tommy: We don't need you here to babysit us. We're all doing just fine.
        John: We're just here to keep an eye on Lily.
        Tommy: Well, you don't have to worry about that. I'm keeping an eye on Lily. And she's just... she is... just... fine.
        John: She's on the patio.
        Tommy: No, that's not Lily... Son of a gun. Who the hell have I been following?

      • Marge: I seem to remember another 12-year-old that had trouble with his parents making out.
        John: Oh, Mom, plea... Mom, don't, don't.
        Marge: Artie, here comes sugar!
        John: Aw, jeez, Mom.
        Sara: Ah, go for it, Grandma. It's like watching The Spice Channel.
        John: The Old Spice Channel.

      • Kate: Something wrong with the food, Lily?
        Lily: No, no, I'm just, um... you know, noticing how many things Gary changed this year. When I used to host this party, we always had a theme. Mexican fiesta. Hawaiian luau. Wedding.

      • Sara: Look, Mom, remember -- you are a strong, independent woman with a newfound sense of herself who's never been in a better place, because she just started the second act of her life, and, watch out world, here she comes!
        John: Nice!
        Sara: (to Kate) It's from a laxative commercial.

      • Lily: Tommy, you are not thinking of going, are you?
        Tommy: I was. Was I the only one?
        John: What do you think?
        Tommy: I'm starting to suspect I was.

      • Kate: I know why he's throwing this party. He wants to show off "Little Miss Body." The same way he used to show off his Jag and his Mercedes. I mean, let's face it. That guy loves anything with big headlights and a removable top.

      • John: The person most affected by this is Lily. And if she says you shouldn't go to the party, you shouldn't go to the party. None of us should go to the party.
        Marge: Lily should go.
        John: Or that.
        Marge: I mean, screw Gary! You go, and let that man see how over him you are. Put on a slinky, little dress. Show him what a mistake he made. I know I'm your mother, dear, but I really want you to whore it up.

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      • John: If you go to this party, Lily's going to cry 'til she passes out, Mom's going to unleash on Jamie for breaking up the family, and Dad's going to take Gary out for a boat ride like Michael took Fredo.
        In The Godfather, Part II, Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) orders the death of his two-timing brother, Fredo (John Cazale), by arranging for him to be killed in cold blood while taking a boat ride.