Center of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 10

The New Neighbors

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Jan 19, 2005 on CBS

Episode Recap

Art and Marge drop off a box of childhood belongings at John's and Kate's that Art found while cleaning out the garage. Tommy attempted to help with the project, but Art yelled at him and drove him away. After Art and Marge leave (and Art takes another swipe at Tommy), Tommy complains to John how he found a bunch of half-finished projects in the garage that he'd worked on in his youth -- projects that never got finished because Art was always yelling at him for doing everything wrong. Meanwhile, John and Kate get new neighbors, and Miles hits it off right away with their 12-year-old son, Waylon. Waylon is the first cool friend Miles has ever had, and Miles isn't the only one excited about that. John and Kate think junior high will be easier with Miles in Waylon's camp -- even though they have yet to meet the family. Hoping to help seal the deal, John and Kate go over to Waylon's house with a cake in hand, and introduce themselves to his parents, Lex and Jewel, who are tattooed ravers -- and half their age. John and Kate invite them over for dinner, and the new neighbors seem to be thrilled to be spending time with them, but the Barnetts have nothing in common with the two, and only continue the charade for Miles. Over at Lily's, Tommy mopes around looking at the unfinished birdhouse, leading Lily (who's been in the same boat) to advise him to confront Art and get everything off his chest. John and Kate have a little more trouble than they anticipated when Lex and Jewel drag them to a rave past their bedtime, but they're happy to do it for Miles. At least until a few days later when they see Lex and Jewel are having a party, and didn't invite them -- which John and Kate reckon has everything to do with the fact that they're old. Tommy tricks Art into showing up at Lily's, and lures him inside with his favorite deep-dish pizza that Marge won't let him eat. Unfortunately, Tommy did that wrong, too -- he got pizza with olives on it, and Art hates olives on pizza. When he refuses to eat it, Tommy drags out the birdhouse, and dredges up the past. Art admits he could have let him do things his way once in a while, and he takes the first step down the road to recovery by eating the pizza and finishing the birdhouse with his son. After some awkward, unneighborly moments, John and Kate find out from Miles that he and Waylon aren't friends anymore, but he won't say why. In a rage, Kate storms over to Lex's and Jewel's (with a mellow John tagging behind), and rips into them for letting their son dump Miles. Lex and Jewel inform Kate that Miles dumped Waylon, and Waylon was crushed. That's why they didn't invite them to the party. Completely mortified, John and Kate make a hasty retreat out of their house -- and their life. When they talk to Miles afterwards, they learn that he was bored with Waylon, and was putting on a charade himself. He thought they liked Lex and Jewel. And quite frankly, they don't have a lot of friends.