Central Park West

CBS (ended 1996)




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  • Season 2
    • Episode 21
      Episode 21
      Episode 8
      Brock has used too much money to acquire Starworks and realizes Allen may use the opportunity to attempt a hostile take-over. While Allen is working on Brock's board members, Dianna works on getting Tyler to help out with the take-over. She tells Tyler that he will then be given a top position and that Jordan received 2% of Brock Global Communications when she turned 25 while Tyler got nothing. Dr. Rose discharges Carrie. Tyler accesses Gil's computer and sends one of Gil's stockbroker friends a fake e-mail, telling him to buy Brock Global stocks. Realizing that Brock really loves her after all, Linda takes him back. Tyler anonymously tips the press that Gil is involved with insider trading. Bumping into each other at a fancy restaurant, Dianna and Linda start bickering and eventually end up in a wild chick fight in a swimming pool. Carrie goes to her family cottage in the Hamptons and calls Mark, telling him he has managed to drive her away from New York. Desperate to not let her escape his vengeance, Mark traces the call while Carrie waits for him with a gun. Brock fires Gil when he learns about the inside trade. The unlucky Gil then catches Rachel in a passionate tryst with Tyler and rushes out. Mark lies to Jordan that he has to be with his mother while she undergoes a minor surgery but he is of course actually headed to the Hamptons. Tyler tricks Jordan into signing a document that gives him the power of her 2% of Brock Global. Allen and Dianna are married and Brock gives them a wedding gift; suing Dianna for fraud and thereby freezing Dianna's Brock Global stocks. However, the judge lets her keep the stocks since it was her father that founded the company many years ago. Mark catches Carrie by surprise and ties her up, planning to kill her and make it look like a suicide. Meanwhile, a worried Jordan accesses Mark's laptop after she's unable to reach him anywhere. She finds the last chapter of his book and then realizes where he and Carrie are. Brock needs a majority of 51% to keep his company and Jordan's 2% turn out to be crucial. Finding out that the sneaky Allen never intends to give him a top job, Tyler uses Jordan's 2% to back his father, who then defeats Allen and Dianna. Jordan and the cops arrive at the Hamptons just as the bound Carrie fights to get free from Mark. The gun goes off in the struggle, leaving Mark shot. Allen suffers a fatal heart attack while in bed with Dianna. A not exactly grief stricken Dianna calls Brock and tells him Allen is dead and she's going to inherit everything he owns. Brock hangs up the phone and tells Linda he's got some good news and some bad news...moreless
    • Episode 20
      Episode 20
      Episode 7
      Marshall Dodd announces that he'll make Brock and Allen deliver one bid each. Just one round; highest bidder gets the company. Brock confronts Dianna about her liaison with Allen. Tyler apologizes to Gil but once he has Rachel alone, he starts making the moves on her. Brock assembles a family dinner at the Zinc Bar. Linda brings Carrie along and Jordan brings Mark, who starts groping Carrie underneath the table. Again, Carrie is made looking like the crazy one and rushes off. Later, Carrie violently attacks Mark. The cops take her away and she is put under the psychiatric care of Dr. Kyle Rose, who wants to keep her for observation for 2 months. Tyler feels that Brock neglects him in favor of Gil, so he goes to Dianna and informs her that Gil is in charge of keeping the Starworks bid safe. Dianna arranges for Rachel to work late hours and then drops by Gil's flat. Acting very seductive, she manages to steal the Starworks bid while Gil is on the phone. After almost (but not quite) seducing Brock, Dianna gives shows Allen the Starworks bid. Allen offers Linda a quick divorce but only if she signs papers saying she'll get nothing and that she's put him through mental cruelty by being unfaithful. Linda refuses to sign put Allen uses a letter from Peter to blackmail her to go along with it. Carrie and Linda read Peter's letter, in which he begs them to stop looking for him. Realizing that Allen has his bid, Brock prepares to go even higher. He also removes Dianna from the board. Tyler, Gil and Rachel shot tequilas at the Zinc Bar. Gil ends up completely drunk and is carried home to bed. While he sleeps it off, Rachel and Tyler have sex in the next room. Brock is angry when he finds out Linda has signed papers that deprives her of her 3% of Rush Media. Linda thinks the stocks were all Brock wanted her for and leaves him. Dr. Rose decides to release Carrie but Mark dresses up like a janitor and attacks her in the psychiatric clinic. Carrie goes crazy and accuses all the janitors of being Mark; causing Dr. Rose to reconsider his decision. Brock wins the bidding war because Allen delivered a very low bid; he was only scaring Brock to go higher. Allen and Dianna decide to get married.moreless
    • Episode 19
      Episode 19
      Episode 6
      Tyler Brock arrives in New York and Dianna at once asks his help to make Brock warm up to her again. Tyler, however, is reluctant as he feels that his father has always considered him to be a nobody. Carrie warns Brock that Mark is bad news for Jordan. A worried Linda sends a P.I. to find Peter. Jordan introduces Tyler to Gil and Rachel. They all seem to have only nice things to say about Brock but Tyler disagrees and gets drunk before going to face his father. Brock doesn't like his behavior at all and throws him out. Carrie goes to the police with her stolen copy of Mark's book but it's not enough evidence for them to do anything. Meanwhile, Mark buys a cute, little puppy and leaves it outside Carrie's apartment. Carrie happily welcomes the puppy into her home. Tyler wants to leave New York but Dianna tells him that Brock does love him. It's just that he has taken Gil under his wings instead, as a substitute for the son he doesn't have anymore. At a board meeting, Brock announces his plans to make a friendly bid for the software company Starworks. Tyler apologizes to Brock and asks for a job in the company. Brock happily accepts the apology and lets Tyler start working at the bottom; delivering mail. Brock eats dinner with nerdy Starworks owner Marshall Dodd. Dianna crashes the party to Brock's anger but she actually spins Dodd around her finger; warming him up to Brock's bid. Jordan finds out Carrie stole the book and warns her to back off. A jealous Dianna tries to convince Linda that all Brock wants form her are her 3% of Rush Media. After a meeting with Allen, Dianna overhears him talk to Dodd on the phone. She rushes to tell Brock, who starts to prepare for a bidding war. Carrie returns home to find her puppy cooked in the microwave. Completely hysterical, she calls the cops but when Mark finds her puppy alive and well, it looks as if Carrie is the crazy one. Allen tries to blackmail Linda to come back to him by threatening to never let her see Peter again. Gil tries to befriend Tyler, who dislikes him and treats him poorly. He seems to fancy Rachel, though. Brock and Linda are surprised to see Allen and Dianna get into a limo together.moreless
    • Episode 18
      Episode 18
      Episode 5
      Peter is interrogated by the cops, who are convinced that he has killed Alex after finding out she tricked him about the baby. Things are looking dark and Linda is unable to raise the $2 million bail because Allen has frozen all of her assets until the divorce is settled. Jordan tells Mark that Ward & Weston wants to back his new book. A thrilled Mark lies that his new psycho-thriller book is based on his experiences in New York: he is the only man that Carrie hasn't been able to seduce, so she has done all she can to destroy him. Jordan foolishly believes every word and finds herself attracted to Mark. Linda swallows her pride and begs Allen for bail money but he won't help her with the money unless she sleeps with him. Linda walks away in disgust. Brock finds out there's a new tenant below his apartment: Dianna. He is far from happy but can't do anything about it. A desperate Linda can't stand to see Peter falling apart and despite Carrie's objections, she accepts Allen's deal. They meet at the honeymoon suite at the Stanhope Hotel but Carrie tells Brock what's about to happen. Brock arrives at the suite in time to punch Allen to the floor and take Linda home. Carrie goes ballistic when she finds cockroaches in her bed. She confronts Mark, who admits he's submitting her to the same things as the heroine in his book but there's nothing she can do about it. At a board meeting, Brock announces his plans to expand globally by acquiring a French cable network for $10 million. However, Dianna has discovered a fine print in French. She claims it's better to start up in the US, causing the board to reconsider their decision. Carrie wants Jordan to let her read Mark's unfinished novel but when she refuses, Carrie steals it from her office. Peter is bailed out by Brock's money and tells Linda how Alex really died. He's convinced he'll never get off. The next morning, Allen offers Peter a deal: he'll smuggle him away to South America with money and a false passport. But he must not tell Linda; that'll implicate her in the crime. Peter reluctantly agrees. Carrie reads Mark's novel and lets Nikki in on her fears; telling her Mark is going to kill her. Linda is devastated to have to tell Brock that Peter has jumped bail. Dianna, however, is thrilled and proceeds with her and Allen's plan to drive Brock and Linda apart. The next part on the agenda is to bring back her son Tyler, who has a very strained relationship to Papa Brock.moreless
    • Episode 17
      Episode 17
      Episode 4
      Alex is rushed to the hospital, where she blackmails Dr. West to tell Peter she's had a miscarriage. Peter is wrecked with guilt and Alex is happy to discover that he's more sympathetic towards her. After staking his claim in New York with 'Communique', Brock decides to move his entire company - Brock Global Communications - to New York; putting the executive office in the same building as 'Communique'. Brock hires Gil to work for him and assigns him to find out if Dianna will accept the offer to sell her 25% of Brock Global Communications. Dianna demands that Brock deals with her in person, or else she'll dump her stocks on the open market. Carrie is intrigued to learn she has a secret admirer that sends her a note to come to the Zinc Bar. Carrie shows up with Nikki and gets a glass of champagne from the admirer. However, he's put something in it to give it a terrible taste and seems to have vanished. Dianna forces Brock to meet her at Tavern on the Green to discuss the stocks. Dianna tries to broach a reconciliation but to no avail. Linda discovers the two of them together and gets the wrong idea. Allen suggests to Dianna that she gives him a little sum of stocks from Brock's company and he'll give her an equal sum of stocks from his own company. Carrie receives another creepy gift: a dead rat. Mark returns to Central Park West after he and Stephanie were unable to salvage their marriage. Gil suggests Mark approaches Jordan for a writing job. Alex enjoys Peter's sympathy but he starts to get suspicious of Dr. West. Dianna accepts Allen's deal and she's juts about to sign the papers when Brock rushes in. Allen and Brock start fighting. Brock emerges victorious and drags Dianna with him. She forces him to put her on his board. Peter confronts Dr. West, who is forced to tell the whole truth. Enraged, Peter tells Alex he knows everything and it's over for good. Having become completely mad, Alex attacks Peter with a knife but in the struggle she falls on the knife and dies. Shocked that Mark is back, Carrie tells Jordan that Mark tried to rape her. Linda forgives Brock. Mark is Carrie's "admirer" and he tells her his new book is about what she has done to him and what he'll do in revenge. Carrie is terrified. Peter dumps Alex's body in the river and tries to pass it off as a suicide. However, the police show up to arrest Peter for murder.moreless
    • Episode 16
      Episode 16
      Episode 3
      Alex forces Peter to let her move into his apartment. She also wants them to consummate the wedding but she has to give up that. Linda tells Brock she isn't ready for a relationship right now yet but he persuades her into a date. Brock has the shock of his life when Dianna pops up in his office and demands him to take her to lunch. Alex talks Linda into throwing her a wedding reception. Rachel takes Jordan to dinner with her and Gil. Jordan and Gil discover they have many things in common and Rachel is left bored and feeling freezed out. Later, Rachel and Gil get into a big argument over this. Dianna decides to go back to Monte Carlo but changes her mind when Allen shows her photos of Brock and Linda - claiming Linda will be the next Mrs. Brock. Dianna tries to worm her way back into the family by visiting Jordan (for the first time in 12 years) but Jordan sees through her mother's tricks. Brock tells Gil to try and convince Dianna to sell him her 25% of the company at whatever price she wants but Dianna turns it down since it was her father that founded the company and then gave it to Brock. Alex is thrilled to mingle with all of Linda's upper-class friends at the reception but panics when her working father arrives. Alex gets him to leave. Allen shows up at the reception with Dianna, who tells Linda to give up on Brock since she won't stand a chance against her anyway. Rachel confronts Gil about his friendship with Jordan again. Reluctantly, she must admit she's jealous because she's finally fallen for him. When Dr. West tells Alex she still isn't pregnant, a frantic Alex arranges it so she catches Peter and Robin together. Alex then fakes stomach cramps and says she's losing the baby.moreless
    • Episode 15
      Episode 15
      Episode 2
      Jordan Tate, a junior editor at Ward & Weston, tries to introduce some writers to 'Communique' but Rachel isn't interested and treats her like trash. However, she has a sudden change of heart when she learns Jordan is Brock's daughter. Allen hires a P.I. to dig up dirt on Brock. Brock is introduced to Jordan's boyfriend, struggling actor Randy Boyd, but he isn't overwhelmed. Gabe confesses to Nikki that he's a hitman, paid by Allen to kill her. While Allen sits home, thinking of a way to nail Brock, Linda has an interesting night out with Brock and gets to know him better. Peter wants to be with Robin even though he'll marry Alex. Carrie befriends Jordan and learns how Brock's wife left the family 12 years ago. She now lives in Monte Carlo and owns 25% of Brock's company. Allen is outraged when the P.I. brings him photos of Brock and Linda kissing. Allen confronts Linda and finally she leaves him and moves in with Carrie. Alex is devastated to learn she isn't pregnant and puts more pressure on Dr. West. Carrie tips Allen about Brock's ex-wife. Desperately in love, Nikki forgives Gabe for everything but he has to leave as he's in danger after not killing her. Robin can't stay away from Peter. Brock catches Randy with another woman. He attacks him and Randy later leaves Jordan, who is upset with her father for not letting her make her own mistakes. Alex flips out when she finds out a blood test is required to get married. Afraid it will prove she's not pregnant, she drags Peter off to a place where the test isn't required and fulfills the marriage. Allen has Brock's ex-wife, Dianna, flown in from Monte Carlo. But to his misfortune, Dianna isn't interested in selling her 25% of Brock's company.moreless
    • Episode 14
      Episode 14
      Episode 1
      Linda gives the OK to sell her 3% of Rush Media to Brock. Dr. West inseminates Alex to make her pregnant. Thanks to Linda's stocks, Brock can now take over Rush Media but instead makes a trade with Allen; if he gets 'Communique', he'll leave Rush Media alone. Allen agrees. Rachel kisses up to Brock in hopes that he'll make her editor-in-chief of 'Communique'. Nikki is very happy with Gabe but Allen pushes Gabe to go ahead with the hit right away. Peter and Robin are in seventh heaven. Now that Allen knows Linda was going to sell him out, she's in a very uncomfortable position. Brock tries to romance Linda but after what's happened she's not at all interested. Gabe has fallen in love with Nikki and is unable to kill her. Brock dislikes Rachel's attitude towards the rest of the staff. He takes her riding and makes sure are her elegant fashion clothes are covered in mud before he says he'll give her a chance to prove herself as a worthy editor-in-chief of 'Communique'. Alex tells Robin about her pregnancy and Robin is very upset with Peter for keeping this from her. In the end Peter has to give in and agree to marry Alex for the sake of their child. But only for one year! Carrie is insecure about Brock and mad about getting Rachel as her boss. To look out for herself, Carrie offers to help Allen crush Brock. In return for money, of course.moreless
  • Season 1
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