Season 1 Episode 61

Man Or Machine (1)

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 1986 on

Episode Recap

Hacker and some Doom-Drone Strafers attack an observatory and steal a disc containing astronomical data. Back at Dominion, Doc Terror uses the data to track down one particular star. Meanwhile, at Sealab, Jake and Ace meet up with Mei Lee and check out their new weapon systems. Ace's is called Strato-Strike, Jake's is Awesome Auger, and Max's is Fathom Fan. Jake notices another new weapon system, and is told by Mei Lee and Max that it is for one of the two new Centurions, Energy Specialist Rex Charger, and Infiltration Specialist John Thunder, who are to assist the main Centurions in specialized operations. Doc Terror informs Hacker that he has discovered that the meteor containing a computer virus that once took over Sealab (in "Battle Beneath The Ice") was actually sent to the Earth. The Centurions meet up with their new comrades and all go back to the Centurion Academy for training with their new systems. Doc Terror discovers the planet the computer virus came from, and receives a message thousands of years old that instructs him how to build a super-computer. After stealing the required parts, Terror builds the massive computer, which then activates. It tells him of how the beings on his planet wiped themselves out though war, leaving only machines which then took over the planet. It then tells Terror that it wants machines to rule the Earth as well.

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