Season 1 Episode 62

Man Or Machine (2)

Aired Unknown Dec 09, 1986 on

Episode Recap

The computer, known as Gog, creates a servant using Terror's resources, called Magog, and tells Terror to create a viralizer, which can allow him to take control of any machine, and ultimately take control of Skyvault. Meanwhile, in the Centurion Academy, all five Centurions begin their training. After Hacker secures the Skyvault supply chamber on Earth, Terror reminds him of how Hacker was once a mere wanted criminal until Terror rescued him and used him as a guinea pig in his cyborg experiments, making him far stronger. Terror's experiments to improve humanity were denounced by the Science Council, and after Hacker inadvertently injured him after being told he can no longer be human, Terror became a cyborg as well. Having taken over the supply depot on Earth, Terror, Hacker and Magog are able to infiltrate Skyvault and imprison Crystal. Back at the Academy, Max reminisces with Dr. Wu of how they and Crystal together originally created the exoframe suits to rescue a probe on Venus. After rescuing the probe and returning to Earth, they were attacked by Terror's forces, now beginning their attacks on the Earth, and wishing to steal the exoframe designs. To combat Terror and his forces, the exoframes were used to create a new team to stop them: the Centurions. On Skyvault, Terror is able to use the viralizer on New York City, controlling all machines there. When the Centurions attempt to beam there, the discover Terror is in control of the space station, leaving only their training weapons to use. To prevent Terror from discovering the location of the Academy, John is sent to Centrum to retrieve the data file containing the co-ordinates. Crystal escapes from Terror, but after getting the file on Earth, John is cornered by Magog.

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