Season 1 Episode 63

Man Or Machine (3)

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 1986 on

Episode Recap

John is beamed up to Skyvault at the last minute, only to find himself a prisoner of Doc Terror, who wants to know the location of the other Centurions. Gog has Terror's borgs to construct a Hive for itself on an isolated island, as the Centurions make their move to free New York from Terror's control. Rex creates a magnetic bubble over the city, shielding it from the viralizer, but it causes small quakes which the Centurions attempt to deal with, along with the last of the Terror-controlled machines. Crystal frees John on board Skyvault, but they are tracked down by Hacker. Using the data file from Centrum, John and Crystal are able to turn off the power on Skyvault, forcing the cyborg to flee the station and leaving the virus powerless. Unfortunately, with no power, Skyvault's orbit begins to decay, and the station begins falling towards the Earth. On the island, Gog and Terror have assembled an army of borgs, while the Centurions regain control of Centrum. In order to ensure Skyvault's destruction, Terror launches a force of Strafers to destroy it as it begins heating up in Earth's upper atmosphere.

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