Season 1 Episode 65

Man Or Machine (5)

Aired Unknown Dec 12, 1986 on

Episode Recap

Losing track of Ace, the remaining Centurions formulate a plan to destroy the meteors heading towards the Earth. Back at Gog's Hive, John is able to get to the World Council and Hacker gives him a disc containing data on the meteors' co-ordinates. Crystal finally detects a weak signal from Ace and is able to beam him back to Skyvault. With the exact course of the meteors now known, the Centurions position themselves to destroy the largest fragments of the asteroid. Meanwhile, Terror and Hacker leave Gog's Hive, but not after Terror is able to secretly plant a bomb to destroy the super-computer. The Centurions are able to safely deal with the Earthbound meteors, and Terror then destroys Gog with his bomb. The computer Gog however transfers itself to one last machine, the sea, land and air bound weapon known as Triad, and the Centurions have to face this ultimate threat in New York City.

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