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  • Indie fan base intro to this awesome cartoon

    Hi, Looks like we are all massive fans of the centurions! I am an independent film producer & actor and I have teamed up with some spectacular visual effects individuals that have all worked on big Hollywood blockbusters. How would you all feel if we were to make a high quality fan based centurions film? It will be the origins as the actual cartoon starts with all three characters already assembled. It would be an intro to say Max Ray and how he is introduced to project "Power Extreme (Example)" I'd love to read your feed back. This could be huge and could shake Hollywood into making a full length feature. Look forward to hearing from you all ;) contact me on

  • 3 men (later on 5) are chosen to wear specially created exo-frames that allow them to combine with assault weapon systems to battle the evils of Doc Terror and his cyborg companion Hacker.

    This is one of the shows that I loved when I was younger and I still love it today. I can honestly say that it is one of the best shows ever on tv and everyone from kids to adults should watch this show, and for it's time it was very unique and set the path for other shows like it. This tv show was originally made to launch the toys for the show and each toy could combine with all the weapon systems and you could combine two weapon systems like you see in the show every know and then. All in all an awesome show that everyone should see at least once.
  • about three guys who can combine with machines.

    This is an average show, but I also enjoyed watching this. The show is done quite well. The plot is quite interesting. I am also quite interested in the main characters. They go quite a bit of my attention. What I can say about this show is just that it is very superb in terms of giving the viewers enjoyment as long as they give much attention to it. It can be worth your time, just don’t get bored at first. Later, you will see that this show can be great indeed. Just have patience. I am not saying this show is boring. It can be fun.
  • A great show concept that can stack up to most modern cartoons.

    It was a great show from my youth. I even liked when they added two extra centurions. I wish I had that golden knife. I want to say before it's time, but really given the way of cartoons today, that was the perfect time for the show to come out.
  • Centurions was one of my favourite cartoons as a kid...

    I absolutely loved this cartoon when I was a kid and what kid couldn't love it?!

    You had three "agents" Ace McCloud, Max Ray and Jake Rockwell all able to call upon equipment/vehicles that are beamed from a space station and attach to their specially designed suits.

    Each agent is a master of a specific terrain - Air, Land or Sea and with a manly "POWER EXTREME!!!" Each agent becomes infused with the necessary equipment.

    The enemies of the Centurions were Doc Terror and his henchman Hacker.

    I really did like this show and had the figures which were (If I remember correctly) 12 inches and you could buy all the accessory packs - fantastic!
  • This cartoon is awesome, it had everything, Action, Drama, Thrill, just amazing show, which deserves to be on DVD: Link: www.petitiononline.com/6600F

    Attention all Centurions fans:

    This is definitely a great cartoon, with all the technology it needs. It deserves to be on DVD.

    There is an online petition for this show, that is trying to convince the people that own the show to release them on DVD which is very cool,
    maybe our dream will come true.

    Link: www.petitiononline.com/6600F
  • Group of regular people fight crime wearing add-ons and machines.

    This show was so amazing when i was like 8 and don't get me wrong, it still is great, but just in a more vintage sort of way. I loved this show before because of all the cool suits our heroes would wear thus making us feel special, just like any other show about superheroes. My friends would pretend to be the helicopter guy or the bike dude and i would be whatever was left. I think this show was solely based on selling the toys line because the stories were not that good or original unlike, He-man, for example, which had a great universe to put its characters in and an amazing number of action figures and accesories. Nothing original here, but still very watchable.
  • The Centurions are a group bent on destroying the evil plans of Doc Terror and his minions.

    Really ahead of it's time, and a smart cartoon if I ever saw one. This is at a time when they were still doing the whole moral lessons thing in the 80's (like He-Man).
    The animation was decent, the voices great and the storylines easy to follow though as an adult you really have more appreciation for them now. Like in one of the episodes I saw "An Alien Affair" the team has a conflict about either capturing (studying) or combating an alien in space. A government official of course doesn't care about the danger, but wants to study the thing as a specimen. Chaos ensues. You know this had very relative modern storylines.

    The Centurions aren't just papercutouts they all have their different specialities and you have a female character that serves as a guide and helps them out too. This cartoon was ahead of it's time. It only lasted three season but it did leave an impression with its viewers.
  • another one

    this is just another cartoon created to sell a line of toys. they were all over the place in the eighties and this is one of the worst. transformers and gi joe were probably the best, and i would lump this one in with inhumanoids, or visionairies. i thing the same production company did them all.
  • Cartoon back when I was a kid.......

    Cartoon back when I was a kid, used to be my all time favourite. Again I had asked my friends if they used to watch it and all I got was blank faces....my favourite guy was the one that flew in the air...he had much better weapons etc. I really really wish I could find an episode of this to watch again!! Ahh...the good old days!