Century City

CBS (ended 2004)


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  • Season 1 Episode 3: Love & Games

  • Goof: When the case is decided, Lukas is seen in the background with a silver digital camera but while the show cameras pan, Lukas is seen shaking the hand of Martin Constable. Lukas is literally in two places at once.

  • Trivia: In 2024 the distance from home to the pitcher was increased to 62', apparently from the current distance of 60' 6".

  • Trivia: The ERA has passed by 2030. It was first proposed in 1923, but had not been ratified as of this episode's first broadcast.

  • Nitpick: The eye speed argument is bogus. If the artificial eye were really faster, either his depth perception would be diminished, or he's adapted to it, effectively slowing the eye to the same speed as the real one.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: To Know Her

  • Goof: While explaining to Lukas that the virtual rape had been recorded, Lee May tells him "Bob's PDA was drawing eight hundred joules of power." Joules are a measure of energy, not power. Power is a rate of consumption of energy. Correct terminology for Lee May's claim would have been "eight hundred watts of power" or "eight hundred joules per second of power".

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Drama, Science Fiction


high stake situations, Adult, moral dilemmas, characters with hidden agendas, judicial justice