Century Falls

BBC (ended 1993)




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Century Falls

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Century Falls is a village devoid of children and the locals are less than friendly. Tess Hunter moves to the village with her pregnant mother. The arrival of strangers in the village and a pregnant stranger at that causes the locals to become hostile when they discover this.

Tess isn't the only new arrival in Century Falls. Twins Ben and Carey Naismith have been summoned to the village, after being sent away many years ago.

Ben is determined to show Tess things and the three children visit the ruins of a temple, burnt down exactly forty years ago. Ben takes time back to when fire ravaged the building and a woman flees the temple saying, 'It's all our fault, it's all our fault!'

But that's not all Ben has to show Tess and they visit a waterfall, where Century Falls began, and where a child beckons Tess, causing her to fall into the water…

What caused the fire? Why are there no children in the village? Who is the strange girl? But, more importantly, what is Century?moreless