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  • I would describe Ayashi no Ceres as the rough draft of Fushigi Yuugi. The storyline is very different, and interesting, but could be improved upon. The viewer will get hooked from the first episode, but will feel a little disappointed with the end.

    For those of you who have watched Yuu Watase's Fushigi Yuugi, this anime will seem quite familiar to you. The anime revolves around a celestial maiden, Ceres, and her search for her celestial robe, which will allow her to enter heaven again. Aya Mikagi and her twin brother Aki find out about an ancient family secret on their 16th birthday, when Aya is possessed by Ceres and Aki by Mikagi. According to legend, Mikagi stole Ceres' celestial robe and forced her to stay on earth as his wife. Ceres is now out for revenge and has sworn to destroy the Mikagi family and retrieve her celestial robe. Personally, I felt the storyline could have been improved upon. The concept is original but it lacks the 'feel-good' factor. Aya and Touya's love story was a little rushed and didn't really seem believable. The one thing I really didn't like about this anime was the way most of the main characters were killed. In the end the viewer remains a little confused about what exactly happened. All in all, after Fushigi Yuugi, Ayashi no Ceres didn't live up to my expectations, but it's worth watching.
  • If you want to cry A LOT, then you should watch this. I can say that it is really inspirational on the matter of forgiveness and self-sacrifice. I loved it.

    This show has really made me cry, not once, not twice. I believe it's one of the saddest stories I've watched. Even the end, which is supposed to bring clossure, leaves some loose strings to keep an open finale. I really could feel the love and the inner struggle of the characters, many of them debating on revenge and forgiveness. Touya is one of the most tragic characters I've ever seen!! OMG! The way he sacrifices everything, even if he doesn't know who he is at the beginning, is such a beautiful way to show his hidden feelings. Aya is OK, but i must say that principal characters are not always the center of attention, and this is one of those cases. Even if Aya and Ceres ARE the main story, they are continuously left behind on the "enticing" element. They are not as charming as Touya or Chidori in a lot of senses.
    Anyway, I believe this animé is one of my all time favourites, and everyoen should watch it because it has a little bit of everything.
  • I really liked this show.

    Personally, I think this show is awesome. This show is about Aya, and Aki Mikage who are twin brother, and sister. On the night of their 16th birthday, The celestial traits return to the Mikage family, and all chaos breaks loose. Aya possesses the trait of Ceres, a beautiful maiden who lost her celestial robe, and cannot return to heaven. Aki possesses the celestial warrior who stole Ceres' robe, and is out to kill everyone who know about Ceres. Aya only has 6 months to find Ceres' robe before Ceres kills Aya. The story in this show is awesome! It will keep you hooked on the series. The dialog in this show is really awesome. This show is filled with love, sorrow, betrayal, anger, revenge, and comedy. It will keep you wondering what is going to happen next. The music is very good. The opening theme "Scarlet" sometimes makes you want to cry. I liked it though. Overall, awesome story and dialog, relaxing music, enjoyable characters. I would recommend this series to anyone, but be careful there is alot of blood in this show.
  • The name of the goddess comes from Ceres in Roman mythology. However, this story is completely unrelated to the grecoroman mythologies concerning Ceres and has nothing to do with the duties, powers, and rank of that goddess.

    The story revolves around a teenage girl named Aya and her twin brother Aki, members of the wealthy and powerful Mikage family. On their sixteenth birthday, they are called to gather in their family home to be given a special present. The present was actually some sort of test -- which Aya failed. She is proven to be a reincarnation of a tennyô (celestial maiden), and when her hidden memory is jogged, she will transform into Ceres, the tennyô. According to the legend, if left to live, the reincarnation of Ceres will bring ruin upon the Mikage family. Aya quickly finds she is being hunted by her own family who plans to kill her. She is saved by Suzumi Aogiri, another tennyo descendant, Yûhi, a very energetic teenager and Suzumi's brother-in-law, and Tôya, a mysterious man with whom Aya soon falls in love. Events escalate as Aya struggles to control Ceres and her brother gains the ability to manifest as the "Progenitor", the ancestor of the Mikage family who happen to have stolen Ceres' hagoromo (celestial robe) that will help her open the gate of heaven. As Aya's allies increase, which include two tennyo like herself and the Aogiri family, and Tôya, she manages to reach a compromise with Ceres such that Ceres will not manifest herself without Aya's approval so long as Aya manages to recover Ceres' lost hagoromo. Aya's quest to find Ceres' hagoromo wavers as she attempts to avoid her family, the advances of the Progenitor, and forces that threaten to tear her apart from Tôya, whose lost memory may be the key to finding Ceres' hagoromo. Toya soon learns that he was the organism that was created from the "hagoromo" or mana and his purpose was to return the mana back to Ceres. His love for Aya set him apart from everyone else.
  • Love, anger, sorrow, betrayal, trust....just some of the things you can see in this awesome series.

    I first watched this series in mid-2003, and i think it's a wonderful Anime. The storyline, which is about a Tennyo;celestial maiden whose Hagoromo;feathered robe was found by a man..but he refused to give it to the maiden so she wouldn't return back to the heavens and that he would make her his. And now, the Tennyo has reincarnated herself into the body of a 16 year old teenager named Aya Mikage...but on her 16th birthday, she finds out that her family is of Tennyo lineage and that her grandfather would have to kill her. Though she doesn't get killed, and ends up escaping...thus, starting her adventure.

    The story goes on. I recommend you all watch this ;)!
  • The key word in the story are Betrayal and Revenge.

    Ceres Celestial Legend is about an 16 year old Aya.Who is turning 16.During her 16 birthday.She experience little changes.When she becomes Ceres an revengeful maidan who has revenge on her family! Grandfather wanted to get rid of her! For that reason.Aya may not be resting in peace.Not until the celestial robe is found.Even not knowing about her brother is the reincarnated form of Ceres former love the one that she loves back than and the man she wants to have her revenge on as well.Since he was the one that hide the celestial robe.

    If you love Fushigi Yuugi,than you will love Ceres Celestial Angel.It is one best anime.This anime has lots of betrayal and revenge as well.
  • I found this series a week ago and i hav watched the whole of the series from start 2 finish in 2 days omg !!!! i love it !!! TOYA IS HOT !!!!

    This is one of the best series ever !! i mean its about love !! awww violents!! ooooo and hot guys and girls!! wooooo u hav got 2 love this anima ! its sooo cute and awww such a chick flick but i love it !! and ceres is the hottest transformation out of the 2 no doubt !
    toya is a red head and hes the hottest one in the series obviously!! as all red heads and i mean RED head are hot !! but aya is alittle bit anoughin but she is good at heart !! the whole story line is bril ! the angels and faries ! toya is an angel woooo he is im my book lol!!!!
  • brother and sister are torn apart by their family's lust for the death of the sister. aya and aki mikage are destined to fight one another, and what's with this new guy Toya any way.find out.

    when aya finds out that she has the blood of a celestial maiden, and her brother is now her mortal enemy. her worls is thrown through a loop. but when she sstarts to fall in love with Toya the hansom new stranger that is workingfor her family in order to regain his memory, then decisions have to be made. will Toya fallow his heart and pretect Aya from herself or will he choose a different path that could lead to his death. watch and learn, it's a tale of love and romance, betrayle and fear.a heart pounding thriller.
  • I love toya

    ceres agood anime for love and action story...
    I think it has alot of emotion for any one and I advice every one to watch it... and the most one I like to watch it that episode about when aya go to toya house... I feel it and I love it
  • Betrayal is the name of the game in this anime which portrays the story of a vicious celestial maiden taking root inside the body of sixteen year old Aya Mikage. From them on, this butt kicking maiden is out for revenge against Aya's family, eventually tu

    What is there to say about this anime? Oh...HELL YEAH!! I bought the whole series in one day, and watched it all in one day. Sure, I went without sleep but I didn't really care. This anime kicks ass! If you're a fan of Fushigi Yuugi, then you should defintely watch this anime, also from the author of Fushigi Yuugi. Looking for hot guys? This show's got plenty. Looking for action? You'll love the cat fights. Looking for romance and betrayal? Yeah, it's there too.
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