Ceres: Celestial Legend

Season 1 Episode 6

The C-Project

Aired Unknown May 25, 2000 on



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    • Yuhi: (After Ceres rescues Yuhi) What do you need some robe for, if you can fly like this?
      Ceres: I can fly, but not high enough. This place, I can't bear it, any longer.

    • (Mrs. Q makes it through the facial scan system's security doors)
      Alex Howell: So much for my facial compositing security system.
      Kagami: I told you not to scan that anime character!

    • Yuhi: (about Toya) Stupid lecher! I'll make him into sashimi.

    • Yuhi: You got some nerve! You'll bring her over, huh? Give me your stupid address and I'll come get her myself.
      Toya: (holding phone away from his ear) O--kay.

    • Yuhi: Mrs. Q, I've come to a very important decision. One way or another I'm gonna help Aya be normal, again. Cause you know the way I see it, it's either that, or she's gonna kill me.
      Mrs. Q: Good point.

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