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  • This is like video game, and is pretty terrible. Maybe if they didn't suck so much it woukld be like so much better. I think that who ever wrote this sjhould bew fired.

    If you weant to have fun watching a TV show i suggst you play world or warcradft. Incfact if blizzard made this show it would be so good that you would love it, Mayve they should learn like how to make good show and be cool like blizxared. In world of warcraft i have like a level 80 dwarf death knight, damitrov on korgath. I am so cool, dont you wish you were hot like me? I hope the writers of this show make a guy on my server so i can beat the crap out of them. Just look at my armory page, I am so cool man. But if you don't wannta come on to world of warcraft cause your too poor noob. Look me up, Salem OREGON, Sam Ringstand. PEACE NOOBSA!