Season 1 Episode 2

The Botanical Gardens 1.0

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 18, 2008 on Syfy

Episode Recap

This time taking place on a botanical garden playing field Trey didn't waste any time in giving the contestants their first mission. They had to break up into groups of 5 and were then locked in bamboo. The mission was for the contestants to move the cages along a predetermined path and obtain tools to cut themselves out of the cages, the further they went the better the tools got. The first team to break out of the cage would win a bag of five deflectors; the second group could grab deflectors hidden near the fountain area, but only if they escaped in time. During this the first two hunters were released on the playing field. Most of the contestants got the deflectors, either by winning the challenge or by finding them, except for two of them who didn't make it out of the cage in time.

As the last one of the contestants was out of their cages the third hunter was placed on the field and the game was underway. As time went by the contestants used their deflectors as they tried to escape elimination and to make things worse the fourth hunter was placed on the field. With time of the essence Trey announced the details of the second mission, upon completion the sonic stunner would be rewarded. For this mission the contestants had to make their way to one of three locations and tackle a trip wire, whose wire sounded alarms if not done correctly, maze to get to the prize. Steve and Dianne were the only ones to gain a stunner, which allows them to freeze any hunters for two minutes. With all of this going on Shane was eliminated and thrown in jail for the remainder of the game.

The game continued and as the contestants frantically tried to avoid the hunters and elimination Lucy accepted the $2,000 buy-out and was removed from the game, not before handing here map to Dianne. One by one the contestants were eliminated by the hunters and it was now time for the third and final mission of the game. This mission required the contestants to get close to the hunters and take their picture; upon completion the invisibility glasses would be rewarded. As this was going on the fifth hunter was released onto the field and more contestants were eliminated.

As the game was almost over the spotter hunter was released and the exit point was made known. They had to make their way to maintenance gate #2 and the first to do so would be the winner. Tyler and Dianne made a mad dash for the gate but Dianne was the first one through and the $25,000 prize was hers.

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