Season 1 Episode 5

The Theme Park 1.0

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 09, 2008 on Syfy

Episode Recap

The ten contestants were brought into the game zone and split into two teams of five, seperated by gender with the attractive females (Bernadette, Brittanee, Lauren, Niki, and Whitney) on one side and the nerdy males (Haben, Kyle, Larry, Matthew, and Nick) on the other side. For their first mission, contestants had to break through a block of ice using various tools (Blow torch, Ice Pick, Hammer & Chisel) in order to gain their first weapon against their hunters, the freeze ray. All contestants were able to gain their freeze rays with the exception of Matthew. During the course of the first mission Hunter Amazon and Hunter T-Bo were released on to the course.

The ten players split up with Whitney, Bernadette, Niki, and Lauren sticking together and the others scattering through out the course. While the others separated throughout the course and found multiple flags (more than any of the other episodes.) They quickly became prey to the Hunters who had a field day with the contestants. Matthew was the first eliminated when he was caught from behind by Hunter Amazon, without even knowing he was being chased. Hunter T-Bo is released.

The alliance of the four girls (Whitney, Bernadette, Niki, and Lauren) walked through the main section of the park, but once Lauren spotted Hunter T Bo, the girls lost their nerve and ran. Whitney, Lauren, and Niki ran towards City Walk while Bernadette got seperated from the group and stayed in Universal Studios. While in Universal Studios, Brittanee spots Hunter Amazon. A small chase ensued through the park and Brittanee was captured before she used her freeze ray. Hearing the Brittanee has been eliminated the three girl alliance cheered in celebration, angry at Brittanee earlier for leaving their alliance. Kyle spots Hunter Amazon in the park but is able to remain hidden when Bernadette shows up instead. Hunter T-Bo was already chasing Bernadette but she used her freeze ray on him just in time. Hunter Amazon then took over and caught Bernadette only seconds later.

Larry met up with the three girls in City Walk. Both partied wanted to use the other as bait for the hunters. Kyle is spotted back in the studios by Hunter Amazon, after a short chase Kyle gives up with out using his freeze ray, making him the fourth person to be eliminated with out using their weapons. After hearing of Kyle's elimination, Larry decides to team up with Lauren, Whitney, and Niki. Hunter Amazon, on a rampage during this game spots Nick and traps him in between a fence. But Nick is able to use his freeze ray and escape just in time.

The remaining six contestants are given their second mission. The remaining runners need to hand cuff one another to a member of the opposite sex within the time limit. If they do hand cuff themselves to another member then they gain deflectors, if they don't however, lights will be turned on in their packs making them easy to spot in the night time. While all three girls try to hand cuff themselves to Larry, Niki is the first to get to him. Leaving Lauren and Whitney with out a partner. Desperate to find a male contestant Lauren and Whitney try to call Haben and get him to meet them in the City Walk. But Hunter T-Bo is waiting for them and a chase begins. Niki and Larry escape, as does Lauren. But Whitney is hunted down and caught but Hunter T-Bo with out using her freeze ray, making her contestant number three to not use it.

After the five minutes are up, Lauren, Haben,and Nick does his happy dance and there lights stop flashing Niki and Larry are allowed to take off the hand cuffs and get their deflectors. Niki and Larry decide to stick together. While hiding in the upstairs area of the City Walk, Lauren spots Hunter T-Bo coming up the escalator. A short chase ensues resulting in Lauren giving up with out using her Freeze ray, making her contestant number four to not use it and contestant number two to simply give up with out using it. The four remaining runners reach the halfway point and are given their first clue to the exit. The clue tells them they need to remain near stairs. Haben, Niki, and Larry realizing their are plenty of stairs in the City Walk stay down their while Nick remains in the theme park. Hunter Scott is then released.

While Nick is in the theme park, he is spotted by Hunter Amazon. A chase begins. At first Nick gets away from the hunter but is then cornered and caught by Hunter Amazon. Niki and Larry argue about going back into Universal Studios. Larry wishes to go into Universal Studios while Niki wishes to stay in the the city. Eventually Larry convinces Niki to go into the City Walk. This, however is not a good idea because Hunter T-Bo and Hunter Amazon are waiting for them. Larry uses his freeze ray on Hunter T-Bo and Niki uses her deflector on Hunter Amazon, keeping them safe.

The three remaining runners are given their third mission, if they succeed they gain invisibility glasses. They must watch a light sequence at one of the two locations then match the sequence with the buttons given to them. But they must do it quick because Hunters Icey and Grant are waiting at each station and are going to be released. Niki and Larry go to one of the locations while Haben goes to the other. Haben is able to complete the sequence quickly and gain the glasses. He blows Hunter Icey a kiss, something she is less than thrilled about. Niki and Larry aren't as quick with the sequence and take several minutes to figure out, but eventually they are able to win the glasses and escape before Hunter Grant is released. Hunter Grant and Hunter Icey are released.

Niki and Larry are spotted by Hunter Grant, but Niki uses her freeze ray, stopping Hunter Grant. The contestants are given their second clue, it isn't a good night to walk in the city. Although the clue tells the contestants to stay out of City Walk, Haben decides to stay stating "Oh... I beg to differ." Larry and Niki return to the Hunter infested Universal Studios. Hunter Scott is first to spot Niki and Larry. Niki puts on her invisibility glasses while Larry continues to run, spliting up the pair. Larry is able to escape from Hunter Scott. Meanwhile, in City Walk, Haben is spotted by Hunter T-Bo. But Haben uses his freeze ray, stopping T-Bo in his tracks.

Hunter Scott spots Larry but Larry uses his invisibility glasses. The host calls the three contestants giving them the oppertunity to opt out. Larry and Niki attempt to call the host, but Niki is the one who gains the opt out and leaves the game with 3k, leaving Larry and Haben as the two remaining players. The contestants are given the exit point, the escalator exit from the park at the north section of the map. Haben still thinks the exit is in City Walk while Larry attempts a run for the exit. However, Larry is spotted by Hunter Amazon and Hunter Scott. Larry uses his last weapon on Hunter Amazon but Hunter Scott is right on his tail. Larry would eventually lose the battle with Scott and get caught, leaving Haben as the sole survivor. Haben, realizing where the exit is, makes a dash for Universal Studios but is too late. Haben doesn't reach the exit point in time, leaving the game with no winner.As the losers rejoice figuring out there's no winner , Trey leaves as he heads toward the Universal Studios tram ride entrance.