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Which version is best?

Which version of Chain Reaction is best?

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    [1]Aug 28, 2006
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    I'll mention which version I like best later to avoid influencing any answers...

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    [2]Jan 6, 2008
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    see here is my thing about Chain Reaction I like the first part on Cullen's game but i love the bonus round on the later 80's version and that is actually what i kinda wish GSN would have done but the revival isn't bad. I would have preferred to see the bonus round from the late 80s. I think the bonus round should be like this you are given the first word and the first letter of the next seven words. The jackpot starts at $10,000 and it cost you $1,000 for everytime you have to use a letter. I don't think the host is really great but I've seen worse and the set just doesn't sit right with me too much like millionaire.
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    [3]Feb 2, 2008
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    I know this is way late to be posting, but I felt the need. To me, Cullen's version was far superior, but they messed up the Bonus Round rules so many times it ruined the show.
    The current revival is doing the same thing, (it's way too easy now to win the $5,000), and I really can't stand Dylan Lane talking to the contestants as though they're his kindergarten class. Never saw the Blake or Geoff episodes, but they sound as if they were more consistent in the way the game played.
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