Chain Reaction

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  • A decent word game with low winnings

    This is a cheapskate show prize wise.
  • Host Blunder

    August 9, 2013, the host of Chain Reaction continued to refer to the Black women contestants as "gals".

    This is offensive as whites historically referred to Black women as gals to degrade and devalue our womanhood. He needs to be educated. If I hear if again I will not continue to watch the show. Great game show otherwise.
  • A game show that makes you think (and not like a genius)

    Have you seen this show? It is so clever and witty. It is funny because after watching this show, my friends and I started playing the game in school. I read on the shows homepage that it is actually a remake from a show in the 80s. I had no idea. It is a good gameshow, different from all of the quiz type game shows, you know??? Anyway, I would recomend this game show to anybody. The only thing that I don't like about this show is that they pick some of the worst teams. They really do, I so am going to apply and show them that there are people who actually use there brain in the world.
  • Okay Chain Reaction is just a decent show to watch when you ain't got nothing else to do.

    Why do I say that in my summary well because this show frustrates me, every time I watch this show I can't never get the chain right and I swear I think they make-up words and put them together because every time I guess one word it is totally wrong and its some other word that I would never ever put with the other word so this show frustrates me but it's pretty decent you can learn new word phrases that you would never thought of on your own so I am glad it is still on so I will continue to watch and frustrate myself.
  • Pretty cool game.

    Two teams have to connect two words and complete the chain. Sometimes its hard, but it's funny to hear the words these people come up with. I like this show. It's an easy way for these people to win cash. Hopefully it will stay on the air this time and GSN will show new episodes eventually. I really enjoy watching this show. The object of the game is really quite simple, and easy for anyone to understand and play along at home even if you aren't actually playing for money. I like the round where they bet money for a letter. Cool game.
  • It's a good show right now I'm about to compare some things from the original to the remake

    It's a very good show the GSN remake has very stupid contestants they can't get the most simple things like they say "Word Cop" instead when the answer is "Word Count" What the hell is a Word Cop? another bad thing about the remake is that there are no returning champions the old version had celebrities to accompany the single contestant right now it's three contestants on a team non-celebrity(The celebrity thing isn't much of a problem though).The old version had 8 words in the chains and the new GSN remake has exactly 7 words.Dylan Lane is very boring on the show right now,I never really watched Bill Cullen's version.
  • I love the idea for this show.

    The first round you get chance to guess what the word is to complet the chain. Only getting the top and bottom letter. Who guess the below or under the word. This kept going on threw all three round but in the last round you get to bet your point. that makes it more exicting. In between rounds who ever completed the chain gets a speed chain. Which is smaller version But the give the middle starting letters. I wish though the would give more time than 7 seconds to guess. In the final round the team the won has to get 7 or 9n or 10 to double and triple there money. But one person is blindfoled while the other two people say one word only ton get the other player to say the word they are describeing. I didn't know this was a sort of remake off another sort of chain reaction?
  • A show that is well done remake of the original.

    This is a show that was once done right by Bill Cullen, then messed up by Blake Emmons. The core gameplay hasn't changed much since Cullen's. You have a word and the first letter of another word to connect to the first. Sounds easy but usually isn't. The new idea of 3 women versus 3 men keeps the show rivalries up and keeps the energy up. The host in the first few episodes needed some help but he seems to be getting better now. It was his first few episodes ever hosting a game show so I will give him a break. The gameplay which was good originally was kept intact and they used the better of the 2 bonus rounds in the new one. $18,300 is the max you can win, but it won't happen often. Overall a very fun show to watch. If you liked the original or like game shows you will want to watch this show. If you aren't a game show fan, this show can make you one. It may not be quite as good as the original in many opinions but you have to remember this show is hosted by a new host Dylan Lane. The original was hosted by Game Show Legend Bill Cullen.