Chain Reaction

Daily 3:00 PM on GSN - Game Show Network Premiered Aug 01, 2006 In Season


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  • A show that is well done remake of the original.

    This is a show that was once done right by Bill Cullen, then messed up by Blake Emmons. The core gameplay hasn't changed much since Cullen's. You have a word and the first letter of another word to connect to the first. Sounds easy but usually isn't. The new idea of 3 women versus 3 men keeps the show rivalries up and keeps the energy up. The host in the first few episodes needed some help but he seems to be getting better now. It was his first few episodes ever hosting a game show so I will give him a break. The gameplay which was good originally was kept intact and they used the better of the 2 bonus rounds in the new one. $18,300 is the max you can win, but it won't happen often. Overall a very fun show to watch. If you liked the original or like game shows you will want to watch this show. If you aren't a game show fan, this show can make you one. It may not be quite as good as the original in many opinions but you have to remember this show is hosted by a new host Dylan Lane. The original was hosted by Game Show Legend Bill Cullen.