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The show follows an elementary school boy artist named Rudy who has a special talent: he can draw a portal on a chalkboard and enter the world dubbed appropriately ChalkZone. Once in ChalkZone, Rudy has the ability to interact with drawing that were once on chalkboards and have been erased. This show has a lot to do with the childhood theory of where drawings go after they are erased as well as teamwork to stop even the weirdest scenario. There is actually a Spin Off of ChalkZone! Called: 'ChalkTalk'. Which airs right before ChalkZone. (Kind of a Commercial sorta thing.) Spin-off to Oh Yeah! Cartoons Show Times ChalkZone Currently Airs: Nickelodeon Saturdays and Sundays at 12:00 Nickelodeon 2 Saturdays at 3:00 & 3:30pm Nicktoons TV Sundays at 9:30 pm Mondays at 12:30 am CBS: Chalkzone is now on CBS! (8:00am) Characters Rudy Tabootie: In real life, Rudy's just a regular kid from a town called Plainsville. But Rudy's got one thing most kids don't: a magic piece of chalk that lets him enter ChalkZone, an amazing world where chalk drawings come to life. Snap: Snap is Rudy's idea of a perfect superhero AND a perfect best friend. He's totally fearless, he's as cool as he is blue, and he's always cracking people up-or cracking Bullynerd on the noggin. Penny Sanchez: Penny's totally obsessed with science, while Rudy's a dreamer and an artist. But Penny helps Rudy solve problems, and Rudy takes Penny to new places, like, you know, behind the chalkboard where drawings come to life. Oh, did we mention Rudy has a little crush on her? Reggie Bullnerd: Reggie's the local bully in Plainsville. As if that wasn't bad enough, his chalk-drawing alter-ego, Bullynerd, roams ChalkZone constantly, terrorizing Rudy and his posse. Fortunately, Bullynerd's not only big but also dumb, so Rudy can usually outwit (or at least out-draw) this ogre. Queen Rapsheeba: Queen Rapsheeba is one of the more interesting and entertaining inhabitants of the world behind the chalkboard. She's not only the best rapper in all of ChalkZone, she also has the best car show. And she holds the key to Snap's heart, of course... Joe Tabootie: Rudy's dad is an all-around good guy. He doesn't quite understand Rudy's obsession with drawing and wish that Rudy were more into butchering, the family business. Unfortunately for him Rudy is the kind of kid who would never get a job like that but would enjoy a more "adventurous job." Despite this, Joe still loves his son and is still proud of Rudy for being who he is. Mildred Tabootie: Rudy's mom is what you would describe as a whirlwind of activity. She's what you would call a bit dramatic, and sometimes she tends to blow by Rudy at 90 miles an hour when she's focusing on whatever task is at hand. Mildred works for the newspaper and spends time coming up with a Martha-Stewart-ish column in the local paper titled "Mildred Knows Best." Mr. Wilter: Mr. Wilter is Rudy's teacher, and he's pretty well convinced Rudy's a big time slacker. Maybe that's because during most of Mr. Wilter's extremely long, extremely boring lectures, Rudy is busy drawing. Instead of seeing Rudy for the imaginative kid he is, Mr. Wilter thinks he's wasting his time. Blocky: Blocky is Rudy's very first drawing. He's just square with hands and legs. Theme Song Name: Rudy's Got The Chalk By: Bill Burnett Chalk!… Chalk!… Chalk! Chalk! SNAP: Rudy's got the chalk! Rudy's got the chalk-a, chalk-a, chalk ChalkZone Rudy's got the chalk-a, chalk-a, ChalkZone Rudy's got the chalk-a, chalk-a, chalk ChalkZone Rudy's got the chalk-a, chalk-a, ChalkZone PENNY: Rudy's got the chalk! Rudy's got the chalk-a, chalk-a, chalk ChalkZone Rudy's got the chalk-a, chalk-a, ChalkZone DAD: Rudy's got the-- MOM: Rudy's got the chalk! Rudy's got the chalk-a, chalk-a, chalk ChalkZone Rudy's got the chalk Rudy's got the chalk-a, chalk-a, chalk ChalkZone Rudy's got the chalk-a, chalk-a, ChalkZone REGGIE: Rudy's got the chalk! Rudy's got the chalk-a, chalk-a, chalk ChalkZone Rudy's got the chalk Rudy's got the chalk Chalk, chalk, chalk, chalk, chalk, chalk ChalkZone!moreless
Rick Jones

Rick Jones

Bruno Bullnerd (season 2 & 3)

Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Snap/Reggie Bullnerd (voice)

E. G. Daily

E. G. Daily

Rudy Tabootie (voice)

Hynden Walch

Hynden Walch

Penny Sanchez (voice)

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell

Bruno Bullnerd (season 4)

Jess Harnell

Jess Harnell

Joe Tabootie (voice)

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  • Great show.

    Love it
  • Crapzone

    I can't believe I liked this show. It is a dreadful show about a boy named Rudy who gets a magic chalk. When he draws with this chalk, everything and everyone becomes real. This is a load of crap, I can't believe i watched it. I have also heard that this is a rip-off of the old cartoon Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings, which I've not seen, but it's sure a lot better than this load of crud. Chalkzone is awful, godawful, terrible, horrible, abysmal. There is nothing good about this. The characters are ugly and annoying (especially Snap), and there's nothing good about this. It is godawful. This is the only time I agree with benderisgreat and minimew2020 who are saying that this is shit. II is shit. But I can name some even worse cartoons: Breadwinners, Sanjay and Craig, Uncle Grandpa, Problem Solverz, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, TMNT, MLP FIM, Harvey Beaks, Teen Titans Go!, any of the Canadian cartoons that's not Johnny Test, Crash Canyon or What's with Andy?. But anyways, Chalkzone is terrible.moreless
  • I'll pass


    Back in 2013

    I watched this show and I was not intrested in it.

    It has a empty story.

    Weak writing, Characters that are bland as tofu, and a boring background that just wants to be creative and all

    But it has decent animation

    Giving us something a bit colorful to enjoy.

    Story: 4/10

    Animation: 7/10

    Characters: 5/10

    Overall: 5/10

  • a bad ripoff of hammerman

    once, there was this episode that had hammerman fighting graffiti monsters and i thought they took that idea and ripped it off. the show is so grating. it also rips off sonic underground with it's terrible songs. we're in the zone. we're in the zone. who the heck cares which zone your in, this show sucks and I hope the creator thinks before creating a terrible show
  • awful show

    i cant defend this show, was a shame to nickelodeon to use this show in his canal, is boring, uncreative, stupid and very lazy writing.

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