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  • Intresting

    This Show is Barely Recognized Though
  • This show is pretty underrated.

    No, seriously. I watched this as a little kid, and I pretty much just LOVED it. About a year or two ago, I watched an episode of ChalkZone on YouTube, for old time's sake. I still liked it. But again, what did you expect from the golden age of Nickelodeon?
  • Almost Naked Animals is better that this stupid show

    The characters are ugly looking, the voices lack-skill, and It's just as bad as CatDog.

    Nicktoons, take it off or you'll be sorry

    That's pretty much it. It's a poor man's Ed, Edd and Eddy, just like how Squirrel Boy is a poor man's Beavis and Butt-Head. It might definitely be on TeenNick soon. Just like CatDog. Which reminds me. This show currently has the EXACT same stereotypes as CatDog.

    Looks like Nick took a step in the WRONG direction this time. The idea is kinda catchy but the show itself? No. Just no.

    Dissappering Act is a total ripoff of a classic Ren and Stimpy episode, Hard Times for Haggist, in a way. Portal Portal is a rip off of another Ren and Stimpy episode, A Yard Too Far

    Waist Mountain is also a rip off of Ren and Stmpy episode, Bell Hops. OK that episode wasn't good but not worse than this piece of shit. The Heist knocks off another Ren and Stimpy episode, Fake Dad.

    Water Water Everywhere rips-off the Ren and Stimpy episode Blazing Intrails and has the EXACT. SAME. FUCKING. PLOT!!!!!!! White Board is an obvious rip-off of the Ren and Stimpy episode, Jerry the Belly Button Elf. It even has the same plot!

    This show obviously isn't going have high rating. Nick, this was a major letdown. Hopefully Breadwinners will do much better. 0/10 for this show.
  • meh...

    did not hate this show but I did not love it

    it was hard to watch but it was actually not bad
  • Compared to Today's Cartoons, This is Decent

    I have vague memories as a child about this show, and just rediscovered yesterday. From my observations, there's no doubt that this show is creative and has a great concept behind it. Even though the humor is somewhat lacking it's better than the humor most cartoons on Nickelodeon today offer. If I had a choice between this or the current episodes of SpongeBob, i'd pick Chalk Zone any day.

    Characters: 75% (C)

    There's nothing negative about them, but there not memorable.

    Plot: 90% (A-)

    Like I already said, this show is definitely creative and the creativity will keep you interested.

    Humor: 60% (D-)

    The humor used is more of puns than potty humor (or at least from what I've seen) but it's better than the pathetic attempts at comedy Almost Naked Animals does.

    Voice Acting 75% (C)

    Like the characters there's nothing memorable about it, but at least it's not like nails on a chalkboard.

    Average: 80% (B-)

    And one more note to: Minimew2020

    I know you stole my review of Almost Naked Animals and put it here. I reported you and had it deleted. Have a Nice day.

  • This show is great!

    My seventh TV review.

    This show is about an 10 year old boy named Rudy Tabootie, who goes on adventures with his friends, Snap and Penny, in Chalk Zone. This show definitely needs to return to Nickelodeon since Nickelodeon has been putting on bad shows, such as Fanboy and Chum Chum and Marvin Marvin. This show rules!

    My rating: 8.5 out of 10
  • Creative

    Awesome concept, decent comedy, fair amount of toilet humor. Overall, creative and decent.
  • Show that has potential but FAILED to used it.

    You know, I like the concept and the style of this show, but they failed to handle it.

    Plot: Rudy, a boy who discovered a chalk, well, a magical chalk that can go to the dimension made by chalk drawings! Along with his friend Penny, and Snap from the chalk world, they discover more things. While Snap is sort-of discovering the human world. You know, this is a great plot actually, but they left it out in the dark, and dragged themselves to the dirt, made everything too pointless, too bland and boring.

    Characters: Way too boring and simple. We got a typical bully and strict teacher. Their concepts should be more complex.

    Humor: They got no good jokes, not annoying, but bad. They got bad, boring jokes.

    Art: The art is fine, could use a little more coloring touch, animation is too stiff.

    Overall: 2.5. I saw a lot of potential to this show, but they really don't know how to use it!
  • True the show ain't the best and it has a lot of flaws, but the creativity behind it is amazing.

    I used to like ChalkZone when I was a kid. Now that I watched it again, it ain't as good as I remembered it. I have to admit I get bored on some of the episodes, the animation ain't that top notch, I don't like the characters that much at all, and the humor is slightly lacking but what made me like it as a kid is the same reason I still find it a decent enough cartoon: The universe of ChalkZone itself. If you used to watch this as a kid, do you remember the moments where you went what if ChalkZone was real, what if this piece of chalk I am holding is magical and stuff like that. Basically even with it's flaws, the universe itself makes it a good show for kids to watch.
  • i cant stand the fact that this show has such low reviews

    in my opinion, it's one of the best cartoons. it's creative, unique, has a different sense of humor, and it's relatable. rudy isn't an extraordinary boy, he's a normal kid who has happened to find this chalk, and it doesn't automatically make his life better - it's not unrealistic and it makes you believe perhaps chalkzone or other worlds are out there. the songs are well-written, the acting is superb. i don't see what you could hate.
  • The premise is great. So it's a good show right? Well no it isn't.

    Chalkzone is a cartoon that sounded really good and creative, but when shown it just fails. The show is about a kid named Rudy, who one day while in detention comes across a piece of chalk that allows him to enter into another world called Chalkzone. There he meets one of his many creations named Snap and with his best friend, Penny, they go on adventures through the zone and try and keep Chalkzone a secret. Idea wise, this show had a promising future, but the show is executed in a manner that destroys the charm of this show. The characters in this show are just boring and underdeveloped. The teacher is a generic jerk who hates fun, Penny is a stereotypical smart girl who always enforces rules, Snap is annoying, the bully is just generic, and Rudy is also annoying but not as bad as Snap. As for the stories, they are actually pretty decent and has some creativity to them, but I have seen better. I never found a funny moment in this show at all, and I wasn't expecting a lot, but I never heard or saw anything that made me laugh, maybe a chuckle or snicker here and there, but nothing else. Then at the end of each episode, we are treated to a music video with the gang, and the songs are really irritating and bad. So what's the purpose of them at all? They aren't entertaining at all. This show was just a disappointment and a failure. It could have been an instant classic, but Chalkzone was marred by bad humor, terrible characters, and unnecessary music videos. There's no real value to this show at all.
  • This is a good old show from nickelodeon.


    Chalk zone is about a guy named rudy that has chalk to chalk zone with his friends, penny and snap. With his biggest enemy of all, bullnerd. It seems to many people that these characters are like the ones from phineas and ferb. Rudy is like phineas, except he has chalk. Snap is like ferb, except he talks much more than ferb. Penny is like isabella, because she's sweet and she has a sweet voice too. Bullnerd is like buford, except buford is more nice to phineas and ferb than bullnerd does to rudy and snap. This show is like phineas and ferb.

    My rating: 8.0

  • I hate giving shows bad ratings, but I must say that I'm glad that this was cancled. I didn't like it at all.

    This show was about a boy that draws in chalk and the things come to life in anyother world. I had quite a few issues with this show. The first one was is that no one writes in chalk anymore. This show is set in the present and in real life, no one writes in chalk. Anoter issuse I had was the animation. Animation ussualy tells what the show is about and how good it is. This show didn't have good animation at all. Everything looks like it was drawn at that last moment. I also had a few issuses with the plots of the episodes. You would think that this show is worth watching, but it isn't. Most of the plots were unorignatal and are used in every other show shown on Nick. I don't want to watch it again. Personatly, I think that this is the worst show nick ever aired. I wouldn't recomend this to anyone.
  • I would rather take the chalk than anything else these days!

    Sure, the music was annoyingly catchy, but come on...compared to that dreaded *shudders* Fanboy and Chum Chum, the show deserves credit. I enjoyed the plot for once--magic chalk? I'd like to see iCarly do that. The jokes fell on the wayside, Snap got annoying after his first appearance, and so did Penny, but can anyone, and I mean anyone, find anything to like about this show? I'm not saying it's comedy gold, but bless it's heart, it tried to be funny. In a twisted era now where funny comes from a can and a cheap gag, I'd soon have packed my bags and went to Chalkzone. Criticize me if you want, but I liked the show.
  • People hate this? How many shows that involve chalk have you heard of before?

    I haven't seen this show in a while, and it isn't my favorite, but still, after a few years, I don't understand why it has such low ratings! The plot of the show, in my opinion, is extremely creative, which is what the writers thought of as a possible theory to the popular question asked by kids, where do drawings go? Like I said, it isn't perfect, but it's a show that no one has thought of at all and that makes it unique and should not be left ignored. I appreciate the creators of this show! Please! Bring the show back! Make another attempt and tons of people will love it! (one reason I only gave it an 8.5
  • Cute show. Not as big as a fan anymore, but I like it.

    I remember when I was five years old tuning into the premier. I was so happy about it, and I even had a little crush on Snap for some reason (I don't anymore, but he's still cute in a huggable sorta way). I don't see why everyone hates it, though. I mean, here's waht I think about what everyone detests:

    1. Penny
    Who/What/Where?: Rudy's best friend and possible girlfriend. Very brainy.
    The ranters say: They hate her. She's annoying.
    I say: They're actualy right.

    2. The music videos
    Who/What/Where?: They are music videos sung by the main trio at the end of (almost) every episode
    The ranters say: The songs are terrible
    I say: Some were good, some were awful.

    3. Snap
    Who/What/Where?: Rudy's drawing and closest friend.
    The ranters say: He has an annoying voice and is irking.
    I say: He is the cutest character in the show. And i love his voice

    This show is considered the most sugary nick show ever. No, not all Nicktonns are dark (except, ZIM, Avatar, and Danny Phantom), I mean, not every show needs to be dark and violent. Does Tommy Pickles shoot Angelica's head off? Does June make a living of making Henry's life heck? (Oh wait - she does) But Chalkzone is very lighthearted, and most of its viewers are between two to eight. Not me! I'm thirteen, outgrew this show, but I can't get rid of it. Funny, as it premiered the year after the dark and violent Invader ZIM. Kinda like dark Sailor Moon S and the following sugary season, Sailor Moon SuperS.

    Notice that there are a lot of refrences to older Nick shows. Three kids hanging out together in a boy-girl-boy thing? Sounds a lot like Doug, Patti, and Skeeter of Doug. Cute and lighthearted? Almost like Rugrats, but it didn't have any adult humor like the rugs. Does Rudy's hair and buckteeth look familiar? Think Timmy Turner from The Fairly Oddparents. Best friends with crushes on the other? How about Henry and June from kaBlam! (however in this case, Penny's actually nice).

    The reason why I'm not as big as a fan anymore is probably because I haven't seen it in a while, or that i just simply grew out of it. But I still like it. Turn off that Fanboy and Chumchum crap and watch this! Reccomended to all ages, but mostly younger kids.

    Chalk! Chalk! Chalk! Chalk! Chalk! Chalk! Chalkzone!
  • who would like this weird show?

    All it is is gross. Just these two ugly 10-year-olds that eat slime, barf it out, eat brains, dribble, sneeze over people and like fungi. It once made me barf. This show is eve suckier than Johnny Bravo or The PowerPuff Girls. One day I hope this'll be cancelled. (Well, it should since it is the most disgusting carton with any sense of humor in the world).
  • I did used to like this as a little kid, and it's still interesting, but it's boring. >.

    It's about a kid that can enter the world of a chalkboard with magic chalk.... didn't sound as cheesy back then as it does now. I not saying it's bad it is good enough to watch, and if my little brother likes to watch the reruns then I'm pretty sure other people can. Although Snap (The little blue guy with the cape) he's was pretty cool and still is, he was the spirit of the whole show, in fact. I also believe that some of the cheesy factors of the show was actually what made it funny. Some of the adventures were very interesting and some of them were actually so weird that it was funny enough to watch.
  • Not Half bad, I mean a show about magic chalk?

    Ok, So this show used quite a bit of imagination, And it is a show I would watch when nothing else was on, im not saying its horrible, Just not exsactly my favourite :p
    Consisting of many characters such a Rudy, The main character, and the artist. Snap, One of Rudy' first creations he erased into chalk zone. Penny, one of Rudy's only friends, and many others.
    Th point of this show was that whatever was drawn on a chalkboard, and then erased, went into chalk zone. Now it is possible to go into chalk zone, But only if you have the magic chalk, Like Rudy. By drawing a hole in the chalk board, he may walk through it, into a world widely filled with characters of all sorts.
    Overall, This is an ok show.
  • I like this show. Not my favorite Nick show now, but it's still good.

    Chalk Zone was my first Nick show I've watched every premiere since then. It's was interesting to watch and I was my favorite. It's still one of my favorites though. I don't understand why people hate it so much.

    Story: A boy named Rudy Tabootie uses magic chalk to create a hole in a chalkboard leading to some chalk world. His friend (which is a girl, but not is girlfriend), Penny Senchez, joins him.

    Voices: I haven't watch this in a while, but I do remember the voices being pretty darn good. Rudy kind of sounds like Tommy Pickles, from All Grown Up.
  • Magic Chalk? Very very lame.

    So a retard named Rudy, has a magic piece of chalk? what a bunch of crap, nick takes good shows and gives them the boot, and keeps the bad ones. Children shows today are junk. Bring back the clasics like doug or the rugrats, and ren and stimpy. And stop puting on crap.
  • CHALK-zone????

    This show is dated, and the funny thing is that it really isn't that old. But There have been markerboards of all kinds around in both schools and businesses, and just about everywhere else. THe first time I have seen one on TV was on Murphy Brown. Now the Tollin-Robbins shows are now using markerboards, and about time. There is a new school in my town, and it has been around for more than 10 years, and it uses markerboards, and the rest of the nearby schools are doing the same thing. You can now use dry erase surfaces as wallpaper, and as paint. So now you can write on walls. The sidewalk thing is okay, but is very unlikely that a school would still have All chalkboards. And it is now impossible that anybody would have a portable chalkboard in their room and in their backpack. Those things don't exist anymore. The show was old from the beginning. And the reason why we are not using them anymore is that some people are allergic to chalk, and the chalk is so messy, it is not recommended for use around computers. The chalk smears when erased, and not being able to see what is written on them them is no reason for people to get glasses or contacts or to sit closer to the front of the room.
  • why does everyone have to bag chalk zone 4? its a great show. read this and take a long, hard think *****

    why the hell is everyone bagging chalk zone like this? i mean u all make me puke! chalk zone is a great show and altho iv liked it since i was 7, i still love it! if u guys wanna waste ur time sooking of how much u hate the show because u cant deal with ur own patheitic lives, im sorry but u have some real issues. if u hate a show so much, turn off ur tv and dont watch it and leave it to the people who do LIKE it. u'll never get anywhere in life by just complaining about things u hate. GROW A F****ING BRAIN! I dont like many shows but do u c me crying home 2 my mum, NO! at least have decency and respect 4 film makers. as if u could do any better anyway. and no, im not blind so i can c animation and i dont think its all bad. iv been bagged heaps by people who hate chalk zone but i just ignore them cuz i can learn to deal with life unlike u idiots who call things crap and retarted just 4 attention! even if u do feel that strong about 'chalk zone bashing' stop and think of some people who may b offended. f*** u all. chalk zone is 1 of my all-time favourites and yes, i do have a proper life!
  • hated it after 1 or 2 eps...

    chalkzone is too boring for me to watch. the plots stink, jokes are lame, & the characters are weird. also, the theme song is really annoying. why did Nick even consider making this?? no offense to any fans of Chalkzone, but i'm glad it's cancelled. Nick needs to bring back all their good shows from the 90's. what happened to shows like Rugrats, Doug, Angry Beavers, etc.? personally, i only liked 1 or 2 eps of this show before i got tired of watching it. so, if you're a fan of CZ, then i cant stop you from watching it. for anybody who hasnt seen it, then i advise you to skip it.
  • I don't want the Chalk..

    Lol, I love the theme song. It sounds awesome. My friends and I were making fun of it (in a good way). It was f***ing funny. "Who's got the chalk?!" We were saying that in a weird tone. It was hard not to laugh. Back to ChalkZone. This show is pretty dang stupid. It doesn't seem like a Nick kind of show. It's too childish. It's rated Y for pete's sake. If a teenager likes this show, then they are just plain crazy. I only like the theme song. That is it. The rest of this show can go rot.
  • This was the second great animated series along with The Fairly Oddparents.

    I heard about this series when it aired back in March 2002 and I wasn't interested in it. I got into it better later in 2002 and early 2003. But I was very dissapointed that only 6/16 episodes aired throught that time, but still liking the series, but wishing for more episodes. I got that wish in late May 2003 when new episodes were being aired, and I was facinated. I liked some of it's new music videos during that time. And there were even more episodes in 2004, including a movie. And there was even more episodes in 2005, even though it dissapeard after that. I was amazed. I liked most of it's humor and funny moments and the way Rudy and Penny have adventures in Chalkzone with Snap. I will always keep this with me as long as I like.
  • Oh my god....

    How could ANYONE like this crap pile of a show?! It's boring,the humor stinks,and I could barely sit through one episode. Yep. Yet ANOTHER lackluster effort made by Nickelodeon as an attempt to cover up the fact that they cancelled all those good 90's cartoons such as Ren and Stimpy. Seriously,the humor in this show was either sucky,or not even prevalent in most episodes. The characters and backgrounds look like they were:
    • made in Flash OR:
    • done by a 2-year-old.

    This is even worse than My Life As a Teenage Robot!

    And the character names stink,too. I mean really. Bullnerd? Rudy Tabootie? Snap?!

    I'm sorry,but I have nothing nice to say about this show,and that's it!
  • chalkzone is ah pretty decent show i have to admit

    now chalkzone is ah cartoon adapation from the guys that brought you animated shorts from oh yeah cartoons now i hade to say this show was pretty good and all that but the fact that there is some flaws but now i hade to say the voice-acting is good with top-notch animation and soild sense of style like if i put ah dinosaur and erase it then it goes to chalkzone im not saying that its good but its ok for ah while overall i hade to say the medicore sense of humor and some of it is boring but this is ah cartoon you know like for example take tom and jerry ah good show and not so good show like this one but this ah pretty decent one but it does lack the shorts and the medicore sense of humor from overall i give this cartoon.

    7.1 out of 10.

    The Good: great animation and chracthers from the oh yeah shorts some good voice-acting.

    The Bad: it sord of lacks the shorts then the humor that puts it into shame.

    The Ugly: it get anoyying for ah few seconds.
  • Besides the theme song, this show sucks!

    Lol, I love the theme song. It sounds awesome. My friends and I were making fun of it (in a good way). It was f***ing funny. "Who's got the chalk?!" We were saying that in a weird tone. It was hard not to laugh. Back to ChalkZone. This show is pretty dang stupid. It doesn't seem like a Nick kind of show. It's too childish. It's rated Y for pete's sake. If a teenager likes this show, then they are just plain crazy. I only like the theme song. That is it. The rest of this show can go rot.

  • It's not that good but it's not that bad. It's ok.

    I like this show and personally would consider it a Classic Nicktoon. I know it doesn't really fit into the categori of "Classic Nicktoon", but, well ehh moving on. First, I'll start off with the bad. It's a little boring after a while, the show premises on simple characters, and some of the skits are pointless. Also, the plots are one-dimensional. Now, the good. It is very creative and can be rather enjoyable from time to time. Some skits can get pretty cool and worth watching. I don't know why, but there's something I like about this show that makes me get up on weekends at 6:30 AM. 70/100.
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