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  • Cute show. Not as big as a fan anymore, but I like it.

    I remember when I was five years old tuning into the premier. I was so happy about it, and I even had a little crush on Snap for some reason (I don't anymore, but he's still cute in a huggable sorta way). I don't see why everyone hates it, though. I mean, here's waht I think about what everyone detests:

    1. Penny
    Who/What/Where?: Rudy's best friend and possible girlfriend. Very brainy.
    The ranters say: They hate her. She's annoying.
    I say: They're actualy right.

    2. The music videos
    Who/What/Where?: They are music videos sung by the main trio at the end of (almost) every episode
    The ranters say: The songs are terrible
    I say: Some were good, some were awful.

    3. Snap
    Who/What/Where?: Rudy's drawing and closest friend.
    The ranters say: He has an annoying voice and is irking.
    I say: He is the cutest character in the show. And i love his voice

    This show is considered the most sugary nick show ever. No, not all Nicktonns are dark (except, ZIM, Avatar, and Danny Phantom), I mean, not every show needs to be dark and violent. Does Tommy Pickles shoot Angelica's head off? Does June make a living of making Henry's life heck? (Oh wait - she does) But Chalkzone is very lighthearted, and most of its viewers are between two to eight. Not me! I'm thirteen, outgrew this show, but I can't get rid of it. Funny, as it premiered the year after the dark and violent Invader ZIM. Kinda like dark Sailor Moon S and the following sugary season, Sailor Moon SuperS.

    Notice that there are a lot of refrences to older Nick shows. Three kids hanging out together in a boy-girl-boy thing? Sounds a lot like Doug, Patti, and Skeeter of Doug. Cute and lighthearted? Almost like Rugrats, but it didn't have any adult humor like the rugs. Does Rudy's hair and buckteeth look familiar? Think Timmy Turner from The Fairly Oddparents. Best friends with crushes on the other? How about Henry and June from kaBlam! (however in this case, Penny's actually nice).

    The reason why I'm not as big as a fan anymore is probably because I haven't seen it in a while, or that i just simply grew out of it. But I still like it. Turn off that Fanboy and Chumchum crap and watch this! Reccomended to all ages, but mostly younger kids.

    Chalk! Chalk! Chalk! Chalk! Chalk! Chalk! Chalkzone!