ChalkZone - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Chalk Queen:
    Penny gets mad at Rudy for breaking his promise to draw pictures for her biology project. Rudy heads into Chalkzone, without Penny. Snap tells him that Scrawl attacked Biclops and stole some of the magic chalk. Scrawl then enters the entrance Rudy left open and captures Penny! He addresses Penny with an interesting proposition: use the magic chalk to help Scrawl take over Chalkzone and be his queen OR have her biology project destroyed. Will there be another creator in Chalkzone?

    Cleo's Secret:
    Rudy and Penny are visiting an archeology museum. An obelisk with panels about Cleopatra's is one of the items on display. However, there is one panel missing and Rudy and Penny decide to head into Chalkzone through the obelisk to solve the mystery!

    Snap's Wishy Washout:
    Snap catches a shooting star and gets three wishes. But Snap soon learns to be careful what he wishes for.

    A song about chunky peanut butter.moreless
  • Pumpkin Love: Rudy hides his pumpkin in Chalkzone to keep Reggie from vandalizing it before his school's pumpkin decorating contest. Unfortunately, the pumpkin gets into the wrong hands in Chalkzone, and Rudy must get his stolen Jill-O-Lantern back in time for the contest. Snap's Nightmare: Snap eats a cookie from the ChalkLet Chip Cookie Tree. However, he soon finds out that eating a cookie from this tree causes cookie nightmares to take over his peaceful sleep. Irresistible: Snap wears a new cologne to impress Queen Rapshiba. But to his dismay she has a stuffy nose, and Snap is left being chased by Chalkzone creatures who can't resist the scent. Please Let Me In: Snap loses his keys again and gets locked out of his apartment building. He tries to persuade his Chalkzone buddies to let him back inside in this music video.moreless
  • The Smooch / Power Play / All The Way To The Top
    The Smooch: While working on their book of ChalkZone; Flora, Fauna, Rudy, Penny and Snap venture to Hahama Island to learn more about a mysterious bird called The Smooch. Once on the island, they meet the Haha Men who show them around by singing. But when they're each kissed by the Smooch Bird and are unable to stop laughing until they kiss someone else. Power Play: Rudy fakes a science project by drawing a Bobble-Head Snap Machine in ChalkZone. His hastily drawn machine earns him the just-barely-passing grade he wanted. But then Dr. Von Dockter, the egocentric scientist who's always right, discovers that Rudy's machine has no electrical power source. He concludes that Rudy Tabootie has discovered the secret of perpetual energy. Penny is furious at Rudy, because she worked really hard on her project while Rudy drew up his project in 5 seconds and it is more popular than hers. But when Rudy's Bobble-head Snap machine is taken away for scientific research, risking the exposure of ChalkZone, Penny overcomes her anger towards Rudy and she uses the chalk herself for her first solo venture into ChalkZone to help Rudy. All the Way to the Top: A song Rudy and the gang sing while hiking up a mountain.moreless
  • The Heist Rudy tries to stop the plans of a powerful wrestler to rob a bank by drawing an even bigger chalk version of the wrestler to take on the heister. Battle of the Hands Rudy enters the Magic Chalk Mine to find the red chalk. This is no ordinary chalk, it draws only evil drawings whenever it wants. Rudy must battle bad chalk with white chalk, and get it out of Chalkzone before Cyclops notices what happened. Chocolate Brunch Snap wants to eat Chocolate bunnies but Blocky won't let him. Oh My My Another country style music video.moreless
  • Pop Goes the Balloon: After an argument with his parents, Rudy goes into Chalkzone to find a teenage drawing of his parents in a heart-shaped bubble singing a song. He accidentally pops the bubble and he must get it in the air again before his parents are mad at each other for ever. Snap Builds His Dream House: Snap asks Rudy to build him a house on the beach. But soon, it gets in the way of the other people on the beach. Snap welcomes them to make their own suggestions about the house. However, the workstarts to annoy Rudy so he sends the whole house out to sea. Fireplug Ballet: Snap goes to a musical about fire hydrants. There You Are: Another music video by Rudy and the gang.moreless
  • Rudy's job is to take out the Beef Meet trash, but misses the pick-up and hides the garbage in ChalkZone. / Rudy agrees to draw Snap a dreamhouse on the beach of the Wait n' Sea, but the beach community soon takes advantage of his generosity. / Snap takes a bummed Blocky under his wing on a musical adventure. / Rudy, Snap and Penny ride on the back of a dog.moreless
  • Disappearing Act:
    Reggie performs magic and thinks he turned Rudy into an eraser.
    Portable Portal:
    Ms. Tweezer, a teacher from a company that tries to prevent imagination in kids' art, comes to Rudy's school. Rudy uses his Portable Portal to let his friends come out and teach her a lesson.
    Snap On Tour:
    Snap takes friends of chalkzone on a tour for those who have been erased.
    Making Faces:
    A music video about face partsmoreless
  • Hole In The Wall
    Rudy and Penny visit Rudy's dad's old school from when he was little. Rudy's Dad said he wrote a letter to Mildred about how good she was on reading some kind of poetry. Ever since then, Rudy's Dad 'Chickened out' about giving the letter to Mildred. So he hid it under a very rickety board on the floor. Rudy and Penny enter from ChalkZone into the school, to try and not trespass.
    When Rudy and Penny gets caught, Vinnie, the brother to the construction worker, steps into the old school and finds out about the portal to ChalkZone. Now Vinnie wants to turn ChalkZone into an Amusement Park!

    The Terrible Two-and-a-Halfs
    Rudy and Penny volunteer to baby-sit Rudy's little cousin Sophie,'Soph'. When Sophie draws a ChalkZone portal, she fall's in and starts to explore the land of ChalkZone while Rudy and Snap come up of ideas to get Sophie back to Rudy's house safely. Meanwhile, Penny comes up with elaborate scheme to make sure Rudy's mom and Sophie's mom don't find out about Rudy and Sophie being in ChalkZone.

    Superhero Snap
    Snap loves a certain Superhero and wishes to be just like him, although Snap doesn't have the same Superhero powers as him, he has one power that can defeat a certain villain that the Superhero can't.