ChalkZone - Season 3

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)


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  • When Rudy doesn't find the colored pens he wants under the Christmas tree, he skips the family Yuletide celebration and goes to the Chalkzone holiday festival where he accidentally endangers Christmas there.
  • Howdy Rudy Rudy creates a living chalk puppet for the school talent show.

    Attack of the Rudisaurus Rudy hides inside a chalk dinosaur to sneak into a theme park.

    The Really Big Talent Search Snap searches for a giant to star in his movie.

    Livin' It Up. A music video about living it up on a tropical island.moreless
  • Tiny Pirate Problem: Tiny pirates raid the ship Rudy, Penny, and Snap are on. Can Rudy and crew stop them? Curse of the Werefrog: An enchanted frog bites Snap, causing him to turn into a were-frog whenever there is a full moon in Nightzone. Magic Carpet Ride: A music video about flying on a magic carpet. The Smudges: Queen Rapsheeba's house is haunted by a pair of Smudges: the ghosts of chalk beings that aren't completely erased into Chalkzone.moreless
  • The Big Blow Up
    The Big Blow Up
    Episode 12
    With the help of Penny and Snap, Rudy has to find a quick cure for Balloonemia, a disease whose victims expand like parade balloons.
  • 3/22/02
    Chalkzone is about the adventures of Rudy Tabootie, a 10 year old boy who discovers a magic piece of chalk that allows him to enter a world beyond the chalkboard. Everything that has ever been drawn in chalk lives forever...
  • 3/22/02
    Chalkzone is about the adventures of Rudy Tabootie, a 10 year old boy who discovers a magic piece of chalk that allows him to enter a world beyond the chalkboard. Everything that has ever been drawn in chalk lives forever...
  • Skrawl's Brain: Skrawl aims to hypnotize everyone in ChalkZone with a giant brain. But the brain turns against him and hypnotizes everyone in ChalkZone into thinking they're chickens.

    Big Loo: Rudy, Penny and Snap discover a grove of toilet trees and Snap is accidentally flushed into the ChalkZone sewers. Now Rudy has to save Snap from getting swallowed by a giant, living toilet who's only pleasure is the music of the groves above.

    Duck Snap Duck: Snap helps reunite a foot and its owner for the Duck'lympics athletic competition.

    Happiest Song: A music video sang while at a theme park.moreless
  • Indecent Exposure Terry Beauffont tries to get a better reporting job, so she does a documentary on the fabled 'world of chalk', using Mr Wilter and Vinnie Raton as her witnesses... But the network presidents thought it was crazy, and ask why she didn't interview Snap. So Terry kidnaps Snap and brings him to the studio, and Rudy tries to foil the newscaster's intentions before CZ is revealed. My Big Fat Chalk Wedding Rudy fixes a little girl's project... and she instantaneously develops a crush on him. On the chalkboard at school, she draws herself and her entire family at she and Rudy's wedding, but the teacher halts her efforts before she finishes Rudy. The chalk-drawn Shwatt family follow the REAL Rudy around in ChalkZone, trying to get him to marry Bobby Sue Shwatt (the chalk rendition of the girl with the crush on him)... but in the end, she decides to cancel the wedding after a bunch of other Zoners claim that Rudy proposed to THEM. Towards the closing of the ep, the real Bobby Sue makes Reggie Bullnerd her new prime focus, so... Rudy was let off the hook. Rap a Present Snap tries to find Rapsheeba a gift for their date... But it turns out to be a very perilous process. Greetings from Greenland Animate greeting cards from 'Greenland' are handed around to random people.moreless
  • Mother Tongue Penny is going to the national speech championships, and she's totally stressed out! So Rudy and Snap take her to the newest NightZone act, called "Mother Tongue". In this act, a clever, comedic female zoner called Mother Tongue licks the people in the audience. Once they're licked, they speak nothing but jibberish! When licked, Penny goes into panic and runs back home. But she forgot to get an antidote lick back from Mother Tongue! Now Rudy and Snap must get Mother Tongue back to Penny to give her the antidote before her speech in the competition turns to jibberish! Going Eyeballistic Once again, Rudy tells the story of some of his adventures in ChalkZone to Penny through a comic book. In his story, Rudy and Snap are hiking in the giggling hills, when the giggling hills get the hiccups and launch Rudy and Snap right into a patch of fertile Eyeball Bushes. What happens when Eyeball Bushes are fertile? They find a new place to spawn and grow more bushes. How do they get to the place they want to grow? Easy: They hitch a ride on someone's face. Two pairs of eyeballs latch themselves onto Rudy and Snap and force them to go where they want to go. In case they must cross any danger, the eyeballs make their vicitims see illusions. They will now see dangerous things are things that are completely harmless. After crossing an evil can of tuna, a field of ferocious animals, and the raging Amazin' River, they reach their destination and the eyeballs leave Rudy and Snap's eyes and plant themselves. Unfortuneately the snakes, bear, and hippos they disturbed in their quest come back for their revenge.... The Ballad Of Tofu Snap is the leader of his ChalkScouts, and him and his scouts are on a camping trip. While on the trip, Snap sings his scouts the story of a heroic karate master name Tofu. Golden Thumb Music video. A smooth, soft, relaxing ballad.moreless
  • 4/23/04
    Double Trouble:
    Skrawl has devised yet another plan to take over ChalkZone. This time he has teamed up with the evil futuristic robot, Craniac4. Together they devise a plan which calls for them to disguise a robot to look like Rudy and go and destroy the Chalk Mine, which will make Rudy chalckless so he cannot stop them. The only problem is that they just need to find a suitable robot. Rudy and Penny have also team up to design a robot that will win the coveted National Young Robot Developers (NYRD) award. But they're having trouble agreeing on the design. Penny wants a practical robot, Rudy wants a martial arts fighting machine. Unable to agree, they erase it from their chalk board. Unfortunately, Skrawl and Craniac4 see the robot they designed and disguise it to look like Rudy. They then send the robot to the Chalk Mines to destroy it. While the Robot Rudy heads toward the mine, Skrawl occupies Rudy's time with threats to the zoners, which will take up Rudy's time and Magic chalk Can Rudy stop Skrawl and save the Chalk Mines in time? Can he even save his friendship with Penny?
    Midnight Train:
    Another Chalkzone music video.moreless
  • Let's Twister Again: Someone just won't stop drawing and erasing these terrible twisters! Rudy Penny and Snap find the culprit and it'sa little boy named Sonny! Penny sneaks into the boy's classroom and poses as a teacher to try to get the child to stop drawing destructive storms. Meanwhile Rudy and Snap stay in ChalkZone and battle rain, snow, sleet, hail. Legend of the Golden Worms: Rudy creates a living Chalk Fairy Tale in order to amuse an evil king and save Snap's life. Everyone lives happily ever after. Beanie Boys to Men: A segment of Snapshots-Snap's documentary news show-takes Snap to a secret training camp for Skrawl's henchmen, the Beanie Boys. Good to Go: Rock 'n Roll music video.moreless
  • That Thing You Drew:
    Rudy asks his favorite cartoonist, Drew Yerface, to come to his school assembly after his vacation in the mountains. After thinking about Rudy's proposal, Drew decides to go to Rudy's school. Rudy soon discovers from Drew's cartoons in Chalkzone that he is stranded in the mountains. Can Rudy save him before something bad happens?

    That Sinking Feeling:
    Reggie steals Rudy's last piece of magic chalk and stomps it into the ground. This causes a small portal too Chalkzone to appear in the ground. Reggie's foot gets stuck in the portal he made. Snap realizes this is Reggie's foot and wants to get revenge for what Reggie tried to do to him when he was in Plainsville. Can Rudy stop Snap from exposing Chalkzone without the magic chalk?

    Insect Aside:
    A witches spell shrinks Snap and Rashiba down to the size of an insect. After dealing with their change of size they decide to go to a show where an insect sings about his life as a bug.moreless
  • Water, Water Everywhere:
    During a drought in Plainsville, Penny and Rudy try to find refuge in Chalkzone. They try to enter in an old quarry, which happens to be in the bottom of the Wait 'n Sea in Chalkzone. Chalk water starts filling up in the quarry, and Rudy and Penny go to the rainmaker to bring rain and wash the chalk water away. In the meantime, several adults who are splashed by water magically obtain the minds of children and playfully swim in the rising chalk water.Rudy and Penny seek the advice of a old cheif to get out of a dangerous dare. The Cheif recounts an erratic, ancestral space adventure that may or may not be true or helpful.

    RV Having Fun Yet?:
    When Snap is on his way to board a vacation cruise ship a car salesman tricks Snap to trading a very annoying singing RV, for his cruise ship ticket. The RV starts to take Snap to places all over Chalkzone, while singing the entire time. Can Snap get rid of the singing RV before his vacation is ruined?

    The Doofi:
    In an attempt to make fun of Rudy and Penny, Reggie Bullnerd draws doofus versions, of them on the Chalkboard. An enraged Mr. Wilter unknowingly erases them into Chalkzone. Rudy and Penny have to go into Chalkzone and stop the not so bright doofi (plural of doofus) from reeking havoc in Chalkzone.

    Lollipoppian Rhapsody:
    A native, tribe-like song sung with Rudy's gang and lollypops.moreless
  • Lost in Chalk:
    Rudy's dad, Joe goes to a meat style convention, while in Chalkzone it is Snap's birthday. Rudy and Penny want to get to Snap's party before it is his dad's turn to style his meat. When he and Penny find out their trail to the party has been destroyed, they must find Snap's party before all of Snap's guests leave and it's Joe's turn to style his sausages.

    Asleep at the Chalk:
    Rudy is tired of not being able to stay up late, so he decides to go into Nightzone and stay up as long as he wants. However, he soon finds out how hard it is to stay awake and have fun. And when a firework display goes awry, it's up to a very tired Rudy to save everyone.

    If You Can't Beat 'Em, Eat 'Em:
    Snap becomes annoyed at a talking, rhyming hamburger he meets who is begging to be digested. As he tries to escape it, he runs across a cooked chicken and angry vegetables who also want to be eaten. Just as they are about to attack Snap, the hamburger saves him. Snap finally realizes that there is only one way to stop an annoying, persistent burger, eat it.

    A music video where Snap, Rudy and Penny sing scat.moreless
  • Taffy:
    Rudy, Penny, and Snap save Chalkzone from being taken over by a taffy glacier. Their efforts backfire when the taffy glacier comes alive and tries to consume the people of Chalkzone.

    Follow the Bouncig Bag:
    When Rudy and Penny go to Chalkzone in a park sidewalk, Rudy leaves his backpack under a bench. That backpack has the mini chalkboard with the portal to and from Chalkzone in it. But when Vinnie drives by and sees Rudy at the sidewalk, he wants to get his revenge and proof of Chalkzone. When he can't find out where Rudy went, he tries to pry open the backpack to figure out how to get into Chalkzone and find Rudy. When Rudy finds out what Vinnie is up to, he pulls the portal across Chalkzone and Vinnie chases the backpack with the portal in it across Plainsville.

    Nighty Note:
    Snap, who is trying to get some sleep, is disturbed by a loud group of musical notes next door. He tries to get them to play peacefully with the help of their leader, G Clef. This does not work out, as the music attracts the people of Chalkzone to come dance and party.

    Dream a Lotta:
    A music video about dreaming many peaceful dreams.moreless
  • Draw and Let Draw: Rudy thinks he knows what he's doing when he "fixes" other kids' sidewalk drawings that seem dangerous. However, when he arrives in Chalkzone he learns that these drawings weren't harmful at all. Then, all the cartoons that he messed with become upset at him for changing them from their original forms. The Towering Wilter: When the entire class gets F's on their tests, they complain that Mr. Wilter told them to study Chapter 11, not Chapter 12. Rudy then tells Mr. Wilter that he can prove that Wilter wrote Ch. 11 on the board before recess is over or there would be no recess for a week for the students. In Chalkzone, he finds out that a trash can named Push has the Chapter 11 note from the board. Push is building a tower of all the assignments Mr. Wilter gives. Rudy has to try to convince Push to let Rudy take a picture of it to show Mr. Wilter. Snapsheebah: When snap tries to get tickets to one of Rapsheeba's musical plays, they are sold out. He sneaks in with the costume of a quitting actor. He goes on stage, not knowing what to do and ruins the performance. The audience likes the show anyway because they found it so funny. Flashlight: Different characters appear in the lights of the flashlights in this disco like song.moreless
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