Season 1 Episode 2

Snapmobile / Rudy's Date / Future Zone / Mumbo Jumbo Jump

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Apr 12, 2002 on Nickelodeon

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  • OK now seriously: Snapmobile / Rudy's Date / Future Zone / Mumbo Jumbo Jump

    Seriously Nickelodeon, This is an AWESOME episode, But i call this one OK.
  • the first ep Penny went into Chalkzone.

    Rudy has a new friend,Penny Sanchez,who is a total branic that he obviously has a crush on.

    at a sceince fair,Penny writes a formual that she hopes to enter in but Reggie Bullnerd earses it.Penny is sad with that but Rudy knows how to help.

    Rudy shows her Chalkzone,she finds it unreal,but before he explain Snap comes along draging Rudy to see Polar Bowling.
    while seeing a Bear bowl prguins Penny finds it mean to the peguins,Snap says they love it.

    Snap-Rudy,who's the girl?
    Rudy-Snap,i'd like u to meet Penny.
    Sanp(sarcasticly)-pleased to meet u.
    Penny(same)-like wise.

    Rudy says their looking for a formual,Snaps thinks he means Baby formal,so steals giant baby's.Penny says he's wrong and takes Rudy with her-which get Snap annoyed.

    Snap-hey,i'm the True Bloo Snap,why are u following this...girl...?
    Rudy-look,Penny's my friend,and we're not looking for that kind of formula,it's a bunch of wiggly lines and stuff.

    Snap says he found some already,which makes Penny real happy.they look all over Chalkzone and find this Motorbike jerk-Butch Biceps-is using thm as a design for his jacket.Butch hears Snap say how ugly he is and runs him over.Rudy gets mad and using his great talent to trick Butch and tie him up.

    Snap-now what do u we with him?
    Penny-well,using Rudy's magic chalk we can blah blah blah-
    Rudy dreamily-i love when she talks like that...
    Snap-but what does it all mean?
    Snap-now i know what it all means.
    (Snap cuts rope and Butch gently lands in Chalk Jail)
    Penny-and with the ballon,he will stafely land in the right place.
    Snap-i love Math.
    Penny hugs Rudy&Snap-and i love u guys,thanks for getting my formual,but how ae we gonna get back to the portal entrance?
    Snap-leave it to me...

    and they ride home on the giant Baby.

    the other eps were ok.