Season 1 Episode 2

Snapmobile / Rudy's Date / Future Zone / Mumbo Jumbo Jump

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Apr 12, 2002 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • This episode contains another Rudy/Penny piece: When they're in Chalkzone in "Rudy's Date," Penny starts talking in mathematics, and Rudy says dreamily, "I love it when she talks like that."

    • Two wiggies were in Mumbo Jumbo Jump (as well as Coming To Life, but only one wiggie).

    • In the Nickelodeon Trivia Game, Butch Biceps is misnamed "Biker Butch".

    • In "Rudy's Date," When Penny hugs Rudy and Snap, the red part of her skirt turns blue.

    • In "Rudy's Date" before they go into the Candy Cane forest the formula is still on the trail!

    • The first time Rudy & Penny were on the boingy things, they were barefoot. But all of the other times, they wore their stuff!

  • Quotes

    • Craniac 3: Now, tell me: Why can't I work the matter materializer?
      Rudy: Duhh... have you tried the Hokey Pokey?

    • Reggie: And in the future, other kids' lunchboxes will have little tiny legs... so they can walk to me!

    • Kid: K?
      Reggie: No.
      Kid: C?
      Reggie: Wrong! The word was KOW! With a K! I win!

    • (From "Future Zone")
      Rudy: Gosh! You could fit alot of cereal in that bowl.
      Snap: Am I crazy, or is Rudy getting dumber
      Penny: Both.

    • (From Futurezone)
      Craniac 3: A smart bomb?
      Smart bomb: You want to send me there and blow me up to bits you insensitive doof? HA! Guess again! (flies away)
      Craniac 3: Hmm. Too smart for its own good.

    • (From "Future Zone")
      Snap: Hi gutys. Need help with your homework?
      Rudy+Penny: We're doomed.

    • (From "Future Zone")
      Rudy: They already invented that, Penny. The No. 2 pencil. Fully rechargable, and comes with it's own delete button. (Taps the eraser)

  • Notes

    • "Future Zone" is currently the only episode available on home video. It's on a Wal-Mart exclusive VHS titled "Nickstravaganza".

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