Season 2 Episode 5

The Heist / Battle of the Hands / Chocolate Brunch / Oh My My

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Jul 11, 2003 on Nickelodeon

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  • Why 10.0?

    This review won't be as long as my others, because it is very simple to explain.... It is a dumb show that should be taken off the air..... permenantly, just like Arthur, because he is afriend of his sister and they talk about his teacher too much..... And That is the PBS version of Yakkity Yak, which now that I think about it, Yakkity Yak is very much like this show..... Both shows make me sick...... I'll even say it again.... They make me sick...... Actually, slime-obsessed Nick, in general, makes me SICK..... And I thought that both CN and Nick were relocating their older shows to Boomerang and NickToons, but they are still airing crappy old shows every weekend afternoon!! Same thing with Johnny Test. What is with these cartoon channels airing boring shows that have clearly been cancelled......

    Nick Makes Me Sick. They should change the name to Sick Nick. If they just HAVE to air older Anime... why not air Captain N & The New Super Mario World, and Hamtaro?!

    The things i found out annoying about this show are:

    1.Season 2 plots are really plain and dumb

    2.Most of the Family Guy characters personality in this show are totally changed,look at Stewie (Reggie),angry at nothing, looks like a monkey and always jaleous of Peter (Rudy) while in Family Guy,he hates Lois (Penny)...Meg (Joe) is maybe the only character that didn't saw his personality changed much.

    3.Actors voices need change,especially Bruno...

    4.Season 2 are adaptations of Family Guy classics,these were great failures and lots of details were missing(missing some Pop-Culture forms,in pop-culture Fox,all go too much fast than expected) or added(2nd season debuts Bruno,Wtf???)

    5.Graphics confusion,there are a lot of these in Chalkzone season 2,often,everone's face and body are disproportionned to the rest of everyone,in one episode you can see Bruno with a grey vest & red neck tie(like Mr. Bean in "Mr. Bean: The Animated Series") when he have a cell phone in his hands,sometimes,some scenes w/ Joe's Nose gets bigger in the "The Heist".

    6.Backgrounds in season 2 tend to sucks,look the greenspaces and the sky....Buildings look like shoe boxes too :X.

    One chance that season 1 was better than the second one that was inferior than Spongbob....

    I just hope season 5 will be as magistral as season 1...
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