Challenge of the SuperFriends

ABC (ended 1979)





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  • A one flaw classic.

    The only flaw with this show is the charaters. Why don't all of the villains and heros appear in an episode? 97/100 Awsome PS It's one of my favorite shows of all time.
  • I always thought that this was a pretty good cartoon. Not great, but pretty good. I like alot of the characters in this but some I really didn't like at all.

    You have the Justice League Of America with great characters like Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Green Lantern, and my personal favorite The Flash. And then there are the ones that I didn't like. Apache Chief, Samuri, and Black Vulcan. I really didn't like those characters at all. I didn't like Hawkman either but at least I knew who he was. I never heard of those other three before I saw this series. Then there were their enemies, The Legion Of Doom. With great characters like Lex Luthor, Brainiac, and The Scarecrow, and The Riddler. But then even they had the not so great characters. Giganta and Toy Man were my two least favorites. I loved the cartoon but some of the characters were terrible. I think that the show could have been better without all of those annoying extra characters that I personally think were not needed.
  • wonderful episode and part of the reason why i watch naruto

    the anbu put naruto under to get the info while i could have done without all the ramen talk i think this helped greatly improve the fillers. Plus this led into one of the most WONDERFUL episode of the fillers. Finding out about the old man naruto spent sooo much time with was VERY interesting. finding out about one minor characters is also great. Of course it is great seeing my favorites work together shikamaru shino most of all the shy hinata and the meshing in the episode of all the element is WONDERFUL that is why it gets a 9.0 in my eyes. I realize that naruto eats alot of ramen and him and genno spent lots of time together there but i consider the one flaw that they focused too much on that time especially in such detail even though it was only a few minutes but still they could have gleaned the info they wanted without the bunch of ramen stories.
  • The stupidity itself is the reason why this show is fun.

    Many people hate old corny super-hero cartoons, but I don't. I like them, because they're funny and hilarius in their own stupidity. And, let me tell ya, Superfriends got plenty of that one. The animation is bad, monkeys could do more sincere dialouges, and you'll have a stomachache from laughing as soon as you hear some of these villain's plots and evil schemes. So, if nothing else, you should like this show just because it's ridicoulus and funny as hell. Just look at the old Batman series. It's no more serious then this thing and everybody loves it because it's funny. Why should SF be treated different?
    Superfriends - corny comedy in all of it's glory!
  • From their secretive Hall of Doom, thirteen of the most sinister super villains of all time have banded together for intergalactic conquest. Now, the fate of the entire universe rests in the hands of the eleven powerful members of the Justice League.

    "Challenge of the Super Friends" was an early animated adaptation of the popular DC Comics' superheroes that premiered on ABC in 1978. Produced by the creative team of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, the Saturday morning series featured the exploits of the world's greatest superheroes thwarting the evil plans of the notorious Legion of Doom. "Challenge of the Super Friends" included a colorful roster of heroes and villains, simple old-school comic book adventure and no goofy junior sidekicks. The stories, characters and animation are pretty straightforward, but the half-hour animated series does offer some decent amusement.
  • One of the great 1970's action shows. Heavy on exposition, light on violence, but plenty snazzy costumes all around!

    This is one of the hallmark shows of the 1970s in terms of children's animation. The climate of Political Correctness had begun its early development, so the Superfriends were rarely seen hitting or otherwise harming their opponents. They used their powers to manipulate natural elements, or at the most to neutralize the powers of the evil villains. Still, to see Superman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, and even Black Vulcan & Samaurai was enough to excite my weekday after-school TV time.

    Perhaps one of the greatest, yet overlooked elements of this show was the theme music. The incidental music as well as the main themes and the action sequence themes were perfectly orchestrated to mix the burgeoning disco era of the 1970s with the previous studio big-band sound of the 1960s. Funkadelic and Funky all at once.

    Over all this show and its various spinoffs are all worthy of Superman's own exclamation: Great Scott!
  • This show is a classic. Clearly the best of the pre Justice League and Justice League Unlimited incarnations of the united superheroes of the DC Universe.

    This show is a classic. Clearly the best of the pre Justice League and Justice League Unlimited incarnations of the united superheroes of the DC Universe. This series saw the most powerful, and well known, characters come together in one gigantic mix. From Superman to Batman to Wonder Woman and yes even the all powerful Aquaman. The roster was expanded from the ones in previous incarnations of Superfriends and the likes of Green Lantern, Hawkman and the Flash were added. But as with all great heroe stories the true stars of this series and the thing that made it fun were the villains, The Legion of Doom. Even the most modest fan knows of the L.O.D. which was led by Lex Luthor. The L.O.D. was made up of the arch enemies of the superfriends members even though some appeared more prominent in the series than others. The enemies of Superman (Luthor, Brainiac, Bizarro, Toyman) and Batman (Riddler, Scarecrow) to be more precise. The animation was a bit choppy at times but overall this show was great and acted as a precursor of what could be done in the future.
  • Good but flawed idea

    The idea of the Superfriends' enemies banding together to achive their goals was a good one. The first problem came in the line up. Instead of using existing comic characters like Owl Woman, Rising Sun, and Black Lighting we got Apache Chief, Samurai, and Black Vulcan two of which fell out of stereotypeville.

    Then you got a look at the Legion of Doom's roster and things quickly took a turn for the weird. Bizzaro was largely still played for laughs and in general was not evil per say so why was he there? Then you got Toyman (Jack Nimball) and Riddler who were largely written as jokes in the comics (DC in fact killed off the Jack Nimball Toyman just a year after this series). In the comics Captain Cold and Heat Wave teamed up so often that they were called the Tempature Twins but here Heat Wave is missing. The rest of the group had some logic to it Professor Zoom would have made more more sence than Grodd (with two geniuses on the team why do they need a third), how Giganta an evoloved gorilla get growth powers, and why Solomon Grundy foe of Alan Scott was a member was beyond me.

    Another problem was that of time. You had 11 Superfriends, 13 Legion of Doom, and 22 minutes to tell the story. Unfortunitely this ment that sometimes you had to have the villians forget how their powers worked to wrap things up at hen end or have the Superfriends stand around like idiots and let the Legion of Doom escape.

    Happily the good outways the bad and even the worse episodes are a fun romp through an alternate DC Universe.
  • One of the classic animated shows of all time. Really anything with superman is worth watching isn't it?

    One of the classic animated shows of all time. Really anything with superman is worth watching isn't it? Again I will ask why people really would want to be saved by anyone other than Superman? Imagine being trapped on top of a mountain. Who do you want conig for you? Wonder woman in her invisible plane? Batman? I'm thinking nit. Not if your life was in the balance. Great vocal talent in this show is provided by Ted Cassidy as Black Manta and Brainiac, Casey Kasem as Robin, Frank Welker as The Toyman, Dick Ryal as Captain Cold, Buster Jones as Black Vulcan, Marlene Aragon
    as Cheetah, William Callaway as Aquaman/Bizarro, Ruth Forman as Giganta, Danny Dark as Superman, Stanley Jones as Lex Luthor, Jack Angel as The Flash/Hawkman/Samurai, Stanley Ralph Ross as Gorilla Grodd, Michael Bell as The Riddler, Olan Soule as Batman, Michael Rye as Apache Chief/Green Lantern and Shannon Farnon as Wonder Women. A great show. Very fun to watch.

  • A great animated series about super heros verus the villians.

    Did anybody else watch this show as a kid and wonder why Superman didn't just take care fo everything? I mean what was the deal? Some really bad villian would be about to destroy something and they send Auquaman because he can talk to whales? What can a group of whales do that Superman couldn't do. I think it must have been a union thing. "What, it's in the ocean? Well then, by union regulations we must send Auquaman." Seemed silly at the time and even sillier (is that a word?) now. I still liked the show and wish that it would still be on today, even with the union problems.
  • Meanwhile back at my reveiw...

    This was the Superbowl of Saturday Morning. We have the JLA, or Super Friends, as they had to be called; and the Legion Of Doom, a name so good it was borrowed for a pro wrestling tag-team. It sure beats the Injustice Gang or Secret Society of Super Villains.

    Each week we were treated to another nefarious scheme by those no-goodnik Legionnaires, but they always forgot that one immutable truth: the good guys always win. Oh, sure, the Legion would always escape at the end (until Standards and Practices started to raise a stink) but they were losers, despite that cool hideout.
  • Renamed: "The Legion of Doom Show: No one cares about the Superfriends"

    As an 8 year old kid in 1978, this cartoon became my obsession. And so began my facination and appreciation for supervillains. Sure, watching it now, it\'s very cheesy and there are a lot of discrepencies, etc., but I still loved it all the same. My only complaint is that it only ran for one season. I can\'t understand who\'s brilliant idea it was to return to the \"wondertwins\" format when they had, by comparison, a great show like this. I had every episode on audiocassette tape, and to this day, I subconsciously know every line of dialogue to all 16 episodes.
  • Good Series

    I wasn't born till around the days of Batman The Animated seires growing up, so to me this show had it all for a 70's/80's cartoon.

    For the time period, it had great writing. Not saying that their writing was bad, but writing has progressed.

    Batman and the other members where great choices for the member and I love the hall of Justice.

    No Zan and Jayna though, I never saw one of the shows with them. Also I think the series is great. The first couple of episodes are great and then the series finale wish I had seen it sounds good.

    Great Show.
  • One Of The Better Versions Of The Superfriends.

    I remembered the commercials. There was a PowerPuff Girls Crossover. Things like
    "Oh No Not The Powder-Puff Girls"
    Buttercup: "Why Do People Always Get That Wrong?!"
    Blossom: "It's PowerPuff"
    Bubbles: "No D!"
    "How Informative! Well, There IS a D in Destroy as in Destroy Them!..........Destroy Them!!!!!"

    or the one where they are in a plane and want to get some Thick Paper-Back Books.

    ...Are very funny. And I liked Every bit of this show, and some of the others (There are as many as Scooby-Doo) aren't as good. There was only one Scooby that was good too. It was "The Scooby-Doo Show"

    I did like the Justice League Unlimited show. It was once a really big thing on Cartoon Network. And HawkGirl seemed to have a temper, but I never really liked that they made WonderWoman into someone that was very cultural and religious. And there were two Green Lanterns. They explained that The Green Lanterns was actually an Organization.

  • The archenemies of DC comics' greatest heroes join forces to try to conquer the universe, and only the Super Friends can stop them.

    I have to admit, I loved this this show as a kid, but man is it a product of its times. You have to somehow create exciting conflicts with beings of awesome and exotic superhuman powers, yet you're not allowed to show any kind of fighting while doing so. And since you can't have actual fighting, you have to look elsewhere for ways for the heroes to have to struggle for victory. Normally, this would mean something like drenching Superman in kryptonite and Green Lantern in yellow paint or something like that until the script says they save the day. When you're five Super Friends is fun adventure, when you're older it's just a huge helping of cheese.