Challenge of the SuperFriends

ABC (ended 1979)





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  • Good but flawed idea

    The idea of the Superfriends' enemies banding together to achive their goals was a good one. The first problem came in the line up. Instead of using existing comic characters like Owl Woman, Rising Sun, and Black Lighting we got Apache Chief, Samurai, and Black Vulcan two of which fell out of stereotypeville.

    Then you got a look at the Legion of Doom's roster and things quickly took a turn for the weird. Bizzaro was largely still played for laughs and in general was not evil per say so why was he there? Then you got Toyman (Jack Nimball) and Riddler who were largely written as jokes in the comics (DC in fact killed off the Jack Nimball Toyman just a year after this series). In the comics Captain Cold and Heat Wave teamed up so often that they were called the Tempature Twins but here Heat Wave is missing. The rest of the group had some logic to it Professor Zoom would have made more more sence than Grodd (with two geniuses on the team why do they need a third), how Giganta an evoloved gorilla get growth powers, and why Solomon Grundy foe of Alan Scott was a member was beyond me.

    Another problem was that of time. You had 11 Superfriends, 13 Legion of Doom, and 22 minutes to tell the story. Unfortunitely this ment that sometimes you had to have the villians forget how their powers worked to wrap things up at hen end or have the Superfriends stand around like idiots and let the Legion of Doom escape.

    Happily the good outways the bad and even the worse episodes are a fun romp through an alternate DC Universe.
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