Challenge of the SuperFriends

ABC (ended 1979)





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  • wonderful episode and part of the reason why i watch naruto

    the anbu put naruto under to get the info while i could have done without all the ramen talk i think this helped greatly improve the fillers. Plus this led into one of the most WONDERFUL episode of the fillers. Finding out about the old man naruto spent sooo much time with was VERY interesting. finding out about one minor characters is also great. Of course it is great seeing my favorites work together shikamaru shino most of all the shy hinata and the meshing in the episode of all the element is WONDERFUL that is why it gets a 9.0 in my eyes. I realize that naruto eats alot of ramen and him and genno spent lots of time together there but i consider the one flaw that they focused too much on that time especially in such detail even though it was only a few minutes but still they could have gleaned the info they wanted without the bunch of ramen stories.