Challenge of the SuperFriends

Season 1 Episode 8

Secret Origins of the SuperFriends

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Oct 28, 1978 on ABC
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Secret Origins of the SuperFriends

The Legion of Doom carry out a plan to alter the past lives of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern to prevent them from becoming superheroes. With this advantage, the villains are able to overpower the remaining SuperFriends. But when a few of them learn of the Legion's plot, they journey back to restore the correct timeline, insuring they become the heroes they are destined to be.


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  • The episode's title says it all.

    This episode is popular among fans, and I can understand why, because it plays out the secret origins of three of the most powerful of the Superfriends: Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Superman. However, the Legion of Doom's plan to interfere with history so that the aforementioned three never become Superfriends is only good in theory. If that were possible, they would also illiminate their own existance entirely. Lex Luthor would never have turned to evil if he hadn't met Superboy... therefore, he never would have formed the Legion of Doom... therefore, the Legion of Doom would never have existed to alter history... therefore, history would not have been changed and the Superfriends would exist... therefore....etc. You'd think someone as 'brilliant' as Lex Luthor would have realized this ahead of 'time' (no pun intended). Perhaps I think too much, but that's why this episode isn't one of my all time favorites.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • When the Legion views Wonder Woman vanishing from existence, Robin's "R" insignia is missing.

    • When Black Vulcan is first seen at the Hall of Justice before the group is taken by the Legion, he's seen in his original costume from The All-New SuperFriends Hour, and then later when Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern return to existence.

    • When Lex appears to Hal Jordan just as he is about to be carried off by a beam of energy, he warns Hal to get out of the capsule while he still can. If he thought it was dangerous, though, why would a heroic person like Hal Jordan let Lex enter the beam of light?

    • The sun of the planet the Legion sends infant Kal-El to is described as a red sun, even though it is clearly white. A white (hotter) sun would make Superman more powerful, not less.

    • As we'll find out in the "History of Doom" episode, Lex Luthor became a bald supervillain because of Superman's intervention as Superboy. So with no Superman, how did Lex ever become his villainous self? Ditto for Bizarro, who is a faulty duplicate of Superman himself. Even if the Legion is immune from having their memories altered, wouldn't the Superfriends wonder who that Bizarro guy in a Superman outfit is?

    • When the escaping Superfriends bring up the Legion's computer files, the picture of Green Lantern shows his costume is entirely the darker green of his inserts.

    • When Superman rescues the imprisoned Superfriends, among them is Green Lantern...who is at the same time outside anchoring the Legion of Doom ship. It should be Aquaman among the prisoners - GL is in his place.

    • In the first shot of the Hall of Justice, right before the Legion launch their attack, Hawkman's leggings are flesh-colored rather than their typical green.

    • So apparently Lex didn't watch all of Superman's origins, or he'd know that the Kents found him as an infant, revealing his secret identity as Clark Kent.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Superman: Well, Luthor, your little time trick turned out to be a time trap for you and your Legion of Doom.
      Luthor: Time is a slippery substance, Superman, and with it, we'll give you the slip once again.
      (the Legion, their ships, and the Hall of Doom vanish)
      Wonder Woman: It may be time that helped free the Legion of Doom today, but it will be time that gives us a chance to catch them tomorrow.

    • Scarecrow: (seeing Lex in the Green Lantern costume) Oh no. It's Green Lantern!
      Luthor: Wrong. It's me...the Green Luthor!

  • NOTES (5)


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    BattleBots Full Metal Bracket: Round of 16 Part 1